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The logistics industry is currently witnessing dramatic growth in parcel volumes. The consumer economy is a significant threat to the environment, as more parcels means more delivery vans which in turn means more CO2 emissions. So what exactly can logistics companies do to reduce their carbon footprints without compromising the success of their business models?

The two main channels of action are improving vehicle efficiency and cutting down on re-deliveries. Industry data reveals that around 5% of all parcels are not delivered first time, which means around 100 million parcels need to be redelivered in the UK each year. This inefficiency leads to pollution, more vehicle mileage and more CO2 emissions.

Some causes of these inefficiencies include:

• Multiple vehicles from various companies delivering goods to the same neighbourhoods or businesses.

• A high number of low volume (or even single item) deliveries, and a high propensity for single item deliveries to private residential locations.

Unfortunately, this has not changed for a number of years, until now...The Parcelly innovation can help effectively reduce CO2 emissions and reduce congestion, whilst still offering consumers and businesses a truly convenient Click & Collect solution. Parcelly helps by solving the issue of failed deliveries, hence causing a significant decrease in CO2 emissions. In addition, 5% of every Parcelly booking is donated to Atmosfair – over 8 tons of greenhouse gas emissions have already been offset thanks to these donations.

Making the last mile green, safe, smart and unobtrusive

Parcelly is the smart click and collect service for the logistics industry. Parcelly allows customers to have their deliveries routed to Click & Collect hub locations to pick up themselves, ideally on foot or by public transport to further reduce the amount of traffic on the road. Join the parcel revolution and save the environment with Parcelly!