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The Mayor of London aims to reduce city congestion by providing 'a sensible system of click and collect' delivery. Boris’s idea to combat congestion involves having large distribution hubs and then a network of smaller, more environmentally friendly delivery vehicles distributing parcels across London. As the e-commerce market continues to expand in the UK, it is becoming increasingly important to develop a sustainable system of delivery across the capital. More online shopping means more parcels, more vehicles and more traffic on London’s streets. Boris’s plans to integrate click and collect services will aim to alleviate all these concerns.

The traditional parcel delivery process is inefficient. Parcels delivered to homes often fail because the recipients are out. Click and Collect solves this problem by delivering to locations that are equipped to receive parcels around the clock, and by placing responsibility for the last mile of delivery in consumers’ hands.

Boris’s emphasis on parcel delivery as a key cause of traffic congestion just goes to show how quickly the e-commerce market is expanding. Without Click and Collect solutions the problem would perhaps have already spiralled out of control, with all the extra miles needing to be covered from door to door by delivery vehicles.

The Parcelly solution is a step towards realizing Boris’s plans to have delivery hubs across London. With Parcelly customers can shop using all online retailers and all couriers, meaning all delivery vehicles can be routed to the same place, as opposed to different couriers from different services travelling to different drop off locations. Parcelly also opens up online retailers without existing solutions to Click and Collect at no extra cost, whilst helping them (or their courier) to reduce their mileage at the same time. The added benefit for the consumer is that they can collect all their parcels at the same location, no matter where they ordered them online. Everybody wins!

Parcelly makes it all— user and community friendly, environmentally engaging and puts you in full control how, when and where you receive your online purchases.