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57.1% sales growth for smartphones and tablet devices in June.
The penetration of sales made via mobile devices has grown at an incredible rate over the last few years – starting from a low base around 2010 when we first started tracking it in our index, the year-on-year growth rates were initially triple-digit and have gradually fallen to double-digit as expected with any fast-growing area such as this. In recent months we’ve seen signs of normalisation in terms of sales growth – so whereas the year-on-year growth each month had always been lower than the rate recorded for the same month the previous year, for three months running now the index has recorded an acceleration in growth ratecompared to the same period in 2014.



As an industry, we agree mobile sales will continue to rise and this is why Parcelly is a fully mobile based and extremely easy to use click and collect solution - for both shoppers as well as local retailers.

The Parcelly app is on a mission to simplify people's postal deliveries by allowing them to collect all their online purchases how, when and where is most convenient for them.

With a network of more than 85 collection points all over London (and this number is growing every week) Parcelly can be used with any online retailer worldwide and everyone can request or nominate a location to be added to our network.

To learn more, please visit our website.

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