Company News


1. Responsive

Parcelly aims to make the online shopping experience as convenient as possible for consumers. With over more than 250 locations across the U.K, we are working towards opening new collection points on every corner. You can also suggest a new location by clicking on the ‘Request a new location’ button in the Parcelly app, the team will strive as hard as they can to open a new location in your neighbourhood, as soon as possible.

2. Simple

As a subscribing customer, once you’ve generated your Parcelly ID you can use this same code wherever you shop online, safe in the knowledge that your parcels will be sent securely to your chosen location. In addition, with our app you’ll never have to sign for a parcel–simply mark the parcels as ‘collected’ and the process is validated.

3. On-the-go

Parcelly is the only service that allows you to shop anywhere online and track the progress of your parcel no matter where you are. Our app-based service means you can order while on the go and receive immediate notification when your parcel arrives by push notification, even if you don’t have phone signal to receive texts.

4. Worldwide

With Parcelly you can order online with any retailer, worldwide. That means literally absolutely every online retailer. It doesn’t matter if you’re ordering from Tesco Online, Amazon US or Alibaba, if the website delivers to the UK, you can collect it at a Parcelly location. Once you’ve generated your Parcelly ID it becomes part of your address field, so no matter where you’re shopping online, just add it to the top line when you’re on the checkout screen. With Parcelly you can shop global and collect local.

5. Flexible

If you miss your delivery it can be a real pain having to go after work to queue up at a depot. But it’s even worse that many of these depots close before 6, forcing you to spend your Saturdays queuing up at the Post Office. Many of our Parcelly locations are open late nights, 7 days a week, with some even 24/7 which allows you to collect your parcel when it suits you best.