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Missed deliveries are now a thing of the past for online shoppers with Parcelly’s click and collect technology.

Click and Collect is now booming in Europe. 2015 statistics reveal that in the UK, one third of all online retail revenue now comes from click and collect transactions. 73% of online consumers have used click and collect services in the UK in 2015(IMRG). A recent report from JDA and Centrino also showed that 41% of shoppers used click and collect services over the Christmas period vs 39% in 2014. However, the survey also highlights that 1 in 3 customers were not happy with their click and collect experience.

These days the typical online shopper leads a busy lifestyle, and many consumers now find it easier to use click and collect services. Parcelly aims to make this click and collect process as easy and convenient as possible for both customers and retailers, by allowing customers to send parcels to their chosen Parcelly location from any web store, worldwide. Our parcel enthusiasts will then ensure that your package arrives safely at your local Parcelly collection point, instead of your doorstep. In addition, our click and collect service is highly flexible, as customers can pick up their parcels at a time and location that suits them, with many of our locations open late nights or even 24/7. Our competitive pricing and the convenience we offer are what have led to us expanding rapidly in the click and collect industry over the past year.

In the frantic modern world of e-commerce, retailers have to keep pace with the competition and diversify their click and collect services in order to meet the increasing demand for convenience from consumers

We are constantly working with new online retailers to offer them our app based click and collect solution


-Sebastian Steinhauser, Parcelly’s CEO.