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What started off as a ‘niche’ market has grown into an unstoppable, multi-billion-pound industry, and there is no doubt ‘Sex and the City’ and ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ are partly responsible for this huge boost. And it doesn’t look like things are going to die down anytime soon: according to studies, global sales of sex toys are set to rise to £40billion by 2020!

With International Women’s Day around the corner, we caught up with our Online retail partner Pureeros, a luxury e-boutique dedicated to women, selling a supreme selection of pleasure objects striving to empower individuals every day.

Pureeros was launched 2 years ago, by co-founders Evren Inangiray and Virginia Cerrone, who ‘noticed a SexTech disruption in the sex industry and its rapid growth’ and have been fighting for sexual empowerment developing a more positive dialogue ever since.

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'Sexual revolution is happening and we are proud to be there for women.'

– Evren Inangiray, CEO & Co-Founder

And just as Parcelly takes the #livegreen approach very seriously, Pureeros is highly aware of its social responsibility as a company. They support good causes throughout the year and have donated part of their October revenue to their chosen charity, ‘Breast Cancer Now’ to support the fight against breast cancer.

Pureeros believes sexuality is one of the most natural and pure aspects of human beings. Striving for women's sexual empowerment and overthrowing taboos linked to female sexuality, this is quite a tough task since the vast majority does not feel comfortable voicing their thoughts and views on this topic.


'Empowerment shows itself in many different forms, through your work life, being part of a family, education and through sexuality. Among these many battles we still must win, sexual empowerment is one of the most difficult to make socially acceptable and that’s what we are fighting for.'

– Virginia Cerrone, CMO & Co-Founder

So despite being highly popular products which immensely contribute to the British economy, one cannot deny there prevails an unspoken social taboo, and most customers are reluctant to talk about it. One does not need to be a rocket scientist to guess that the percentage of those who admit to buying/owning sex toys aren’t flying high.

Could you imagine how challenging it could be for some people to be seen walking out of a sex store with your purchases?

Well not with Parcelly. Just as Pureeros aims to put women more in control of their sexuality, we put customers in control of how, when and where they wish to receive their parcels – and we also provide an extra level of security, discretion and privacy for them.


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We achieve this through our smartphone app which generates a remote address plus unique 6-digit Parcelly ID to be included at the checkout stage. Once the parcel is delivered to the chosen Parcelly location, customers get notified and simply use their Parcelly ID plus a 4-digit security code to identify themselves and pick up their parcels in less than 30 seconds. This is a highly appealing feature for the likes of Pureeros customers as it lets them receive their orders as freely as it is to purchase them.

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Our diverse network of 900+ convenient Parcelly click&collect locations include newsagents, convenience stores, gyms, forecourts, pubs and many more, which means we are wherever the customer needs us to be... #parcellove