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At Parcelly we love the concept of sharing and efficient use of resources, creating a win-win situation for everyone involved along with driving convenience in the marketplace.

This week we caught up with Spacehop, the all-new platform to book home office spaces. Have a read and see why they believe 'Sharing is the future':


1) Tell us a little bit about Spacehop, how does it work and how was the idea born?

Spacehop connects anyone who needs workspace with beautiful, affordable & flexible home office space across the UK. Our offices start from as little as £6 per day in central London. There is no need for monthly or minimum hour contracts – simply pick the day you need on a calendar and book in, easy!

2) Who loves to use the Spacehop service the most?

At Spacehop we pride ourselves on having a really diverse and flexible range of offices meaning anyone, no matter what they do for a living, can find a space that suits them. You can check out some of our spaces hereMost of our users are freelancers, start-ups and creatives who want to get out of their own house but do not fancy the commitment & price of a co working facility nor the poor working environment provided by coffee shops.


3) Spacehop is a fairly young platform with locations mainly in London, do you have any plans to branch further out?

We are young but growing pretty rapidly with over 400 spaces throughout the UK now so no matter where you live you will not be too far from a local Spacehop! We will be expanding beyond the UK in due course.

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4) Ever since AirBnb, the sharing economy has boomed. What do you see for the future of the sharing economy?

We see the Sharing Economy continuing to grow; it’s improving all the time with lots of great new services and subsidiary products like insurance and trust measures being introduced - meaning there is very little preventing everyone either earning/saving via the sharing economy.

5) We’ve had a look on your website and there are some pretty cool locations featured, where’s the coolest spot you’ve worked through Spacehop?

It’s a tough one as I’ve been lucky enough to work at lots of different spaces now and I know a lot of the hosts personally...since I’m having my arm twisted I’ll give a shout out to David’s spot in Hackney. I worked here last week, the photos look great but I can promise it’s even better in person!

6) How easy is it for me to join?

It is a 30 second process. Just head to our website and sign up. There is no charge to list a space, we do not charge any host service fees and we provide free insurance. If you’d like to book a space use the code parcelly50 at checkout for 50% off booking fees! Hope to see you soon!

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A big THANK YOU to Spacehop from the team at Parcelly and we can't wait to see what the future of sharing further has 'in store' for us...!