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At Parcelly we love the concept of sharing, efficient use of resources and nifty innovations that don't hurt the planet... Along with control and convenience that is! 

This week we caught up with Deemly, the essential platform which measures how trustworthy you are based on score ratings and reviews gathered from multiple peer-to-peer platforms.


1) Let’s start with a little bit about Deemly and how does it work?

We are a two-sided platform so for:
- Endusers (private people): deemly is your online trust profile so you can log onto our website,, and create a user by adding your ratings and reviews from peer to peer platforms, such as AirbnbeBay, and UpWork. We will then aggregate the scores and give you a deemly score. The deemly score is from 0-100, so the closer you are to 100 the more trustworthy you are.
- Peer to peer platforms (businesses): We have created a plug and play rating and review system that we offer as a SaaS product to platforms that do not have their own rating system yet. Furthermore, we have an API solution where peer to peer platforms can enable all their users to pull their deemly score and make it visible on their profile on that platform.


2) How did the name come about?

It was a long process! But it comes from "to deem", which is related to the product as users deem each other through the rating and review systems, which is the basis of the deemly score.

deemly team


3) How does having a Deemly profile help raise credibility amongst peers?

In general, the deemly score gives you a broader profile due to the many different kinds of interactions that you can include. Furthermore, it is so much easier for users to get started on a new peer to peer platform since they have a reputation to rely on through deemly. Oftentimes, people find it difficult to be a new user on a platform because they do not have a reputation yet.


4) How easy is it to set up a profile?

Extremely easy! You can do it in less than 2 minutes.


5) The sharing economy is one of the fastest growing sectors, how do you see it evolve or change form over the years?

I think it is a very exciting industry to be a part of since it is evolving so rapidly! The predictions for the sharing economy are great, which I think is awesome. I believe that the sharing economy helps improve our environment, culture, and economy. I think there are so many exciting things happening that it is extremely difficult to predict what it will look like in a couple of years. But I think that it is very cool that peer to peer platforms are already at this early stage challenging the established and creating alternatives to insurance, lending, banking, etc.


 A big THANK YOU to Deemly from the team at Parcelly and we can't wait to see what the future of sharing further has 'in store' for us...!