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We are excited and proud to announce that we will be supporting this year's Share-A-Suitcase campaign as the official lead logistics supplier.

As a part of the Global Sharing Week; the largest mass engagement campaign on the sharing economy, the Share-a-Suitcase campaign has been co-organized by The People Who Share and Shareable and in partnership with the disaster relief charity, Bridge2. It launched in London at the Somerset House today.

Born out of the belief that everybody should experience the benefits of sharing, the Share-a-Suitcase campaign aims to bring hope and relief to people who've fallen on hard times with a particular focus on refugees and show just what the sharing of human and physical resources is capable of.


"We wanted to show how the sharing economy can create positive change in communities facing serious problems."

- Benita Matofska, founder of The People Who Share.

The campaign aims to collect 1,000 unwanted suitcases and fill them with items that refugees need. These will then be shipped to northern Greece, where they will be distributed.

If you’ve got a large, unloved suitcase with wheels, you’ll be able to drop it off at one of our 1,200+ Parcelly donation centres across the UK.

Getting involved is easy. Simply follow the steps below:

1. PREPARE A SUITCASE: Prepare a suitcase, max. 29" high, 10" deep, 19" wide and not heavier than 10kg in weight. Find out HERE what you need to pack.

2. REGISTER: Register your donation to receive your unique Parcelly ID and the address of your local Parcelly donation centre.

3. Deposit: Close your suitcase securely, attach your Parcelly ID and deposit your donation in your local Parcelly donation centre.

4. THANK YOU! You shared-a-suitcase for refugee Relief, you're awesome!


The Share-a-Suitcase campaign is a testament to the positive impact the Sharing-Economy can have, and it will help to utilise unused resources by making them available to people who need them most. We’re extremely proud to support this honourable campaign through our nationwide network of click&collect locations.

- Sebastian Steinhauser, CEO Parcelly.

Parcelly's innovative click&collect solution leverages the Sharing Economy concept to transform the logistics industry by turning redundant space into parcel collection points and giving consumers full control over when and where they collect their parcels. With over 1,200 click&collect locations across the UK, we strive to place consumers and business owners first and now donors can use our wide network to conveniently drop off their suitcases. 

If you want to use our nationwide network of Parcelly locations and share a suitcase with people in need, REGISTER here! #SharingIsCaring

Parcelly SHare a Suitcase 2017