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Parcelly solves the parcel conundrum by allowing convenience stores to make use of their unused space.

The sharing economy which started in America 15 years ago is now trending in many growing markets, some of the most pertinent example being Uber and AirBnb. These businesses have proven to grow at an unprecedented rate by making use of under-utilised resources. Parcelly, the parcel collection network uses the same concept to revolutionise the logistics industry. 

Reclaim Unused Space

Local Shop or Business? Have you got any unused space and want to commercialise it, we would love to hear from you! Find out how you can become a Parcelly location and how this can benefit you, your customers and your surrounding community.  

Parcelly allows you to manage the number and size of parcels you can receive per week in real-time, so you are always in full control of your storage capacity and overall workload. This means that no matter what size of business you operate, you can offer our service and become a Parcelly partner location. Ultimately, capitalising underutilized space is about increasing return on investment whilst also making life easier.

Giving the Consumer Control

A trip to the Post Office depot at 7am can be an irksome burden. In the past few years, the number of parcel deliveries has had a massive growth. The parcel industry is in good shape but the supply chain needs more muscle to be able to meet the expectation of consumers.

39% of online shoppers opted for click&collect last Christmas rather than waiting in for a delivery (IMRG). Consumers want choice, flexibility and speed when it comes to their deliveries.

How can today’s delivery organisation meet these demands whilst also increasing their own value within the delivery supply chain? Find out more on Youtube.