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 • 29 June 2017

With an exponential growth in online shopping, the logistics industry is continuing to experience a substantial increase in parcel volumes and package deliveries. As much as online purchases mean more revenue for retailers and contributing to the global economy, this is a significant threat to the environment, since more parcels mean more delivery vans, thus more CO2 emissions.

By solving the issue of failed deliveries, Parcelly effectively helps to reduce CO2 emissions and road congestion - while offering consumers and businesses a truly convenient click&collect solution. In addition to this, 5% of every Parcelly booking is donated to Atmosfair – since company inception over 35 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions have been offset thanks to the donations.

offset 35000 co2

Parcelly offset over 16,521 kg of CO2 greenhouse gases in the second half of 2016 alone, which contributed to improving the lives of many people by providing:

1) Efficient stove systems for families in Nigeria - enabling 55 people to cook with renewable biomass
2) Electricity generation from mustard seed crop residues in India - providing 4 families with a year’s supply of renewable electricity
3) Construction of biogas units for households in Kenya - financing the construction and usage of 4 biogas plants, and funding the necessary education for craftsmen and masons. 

Atmosfair offsets carbon emissions by reinvesting the contributions it receives directly into the development of renewable energy projects throughout the developing world and helps to reduce the primary source of CO2. Atmosfair achieves this while improving the educational and economic opportunities of locals who live in proximity to their projects.

In addition to our environmental impact, we are very strict on having a social influence and aim to be sustainable in all our projects. Our most recent partnership with Barnardo's, the UK's largest Children's Charity, can be seen as the most recent example of how our click&collect solution integrates with CSR.

By using Parcelly, you can also help reduce the number of van delivery journeys; making cities a greener, safer and healthier place to visit, shop and work - all while improving the lives of those in less developed countries.

So, what are you waiting for? Download the Parcelly app today and have an impact on your community... Your first parcel is FREE!


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