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 • 21 June 2016

Sharing Economy estimated at $15 billion in just 7 years, compared to the combined growth of Facebook, Google and Yahoo of $11 billion
— Benita Matofska, Global Sharing Economy expert and consultant

The Sharing Economy is the industry worth getting to know. Based around the idea of sharing and profiting from what you already own, companies like AirBnB, Uber and eBay have revolutionised the way we spend and consume. Now, there are some new big players ready to join the industry and transform it from a $15 billion industry to its 2025 projected valuation of $335 billion.

On the 30th of June 2016, The Crystal venue in London will play host to the Sharing Economy Conference, bringing together some of the biggest names in the industry, alongside some game-changing startups. The interactive conference will explore the current state of the industry as well as its remarkably exciting future.

Amongst the impressive list of speakers are Parcelly's own CEO and founder, Sebastian Steinhauser who will be joining a panel discussion on 'the efficient use of resources, individual initiatives being rewarded, and innovations that makes our lives easier'.

Parcelly's innovative click&collect solution is leveraging the Sharing Economy concept to transform the logistics industry by turning redundant space into parcel collection pointsand giving consumers full controlover when and where they collect their parcels. With over 500 click&collect locationsacross the UK, we strive to place consumers and business owners first and are now London's fastest growing network of open-loop parcel collection points.

Sharing Economy


Join us at the Conference and come meet us at our stand to learn about:
1) The future of the sharing economy.
2) The future of Parcellyand click-and-collect.

Where: The Crystal Venue, London
When: 30th of June 8:00am - 18:00pm

For more details on the conference, please click HERE.


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