Team Spotlight: Avneet Kaur, Marketing Associate

Published by Parcelly Team
 • 28 July 2020


Here at Parcelly, teamwork makes the dream work. Our valued members of the team are the pillars of the company and their hard work deserves recognition. Parcelly is indeed a London based tech-startup, and similarly to London, it reunites people from different social and cultural backgrounds, yet with one goal in mind. 

To discuss their past experiences and their future goals, we have interviewed some of Parcelly’s great people and we hope you enjoy reading, as much as we loved creating it. 

The third feature is on Avneet, one of our Marketing Associates as she reflects on her year-long placement within the Marketing Department. Avneet studies Marketing at the University of York.

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Tell me about your background and why you chose to join Parcelly’s Marketing Department?

“I am a student at the University of York and I am studying Marketing. I chose to join Parcelly’s Marketing Department because I wanted to have the first-hand experience in the field I am so passionate about. Marketing cannot be put into one box, it has a lot of ramifications you could say and involves working with a whole range of aspects within a business. Due to this, there is such a range of interesting possibilities with the type of work I get to do, from social media to handling the website, printed advertising and editing. Marketing is so wide and exciting that you learn new things every day. Within Parcelly I have been able to work with a vast range of opportunities and this has enabled me to develop new skills and explore what I could possibly specialise in within the sector. I feel like working in a start-up like Parcelly gives you the flexibility to discover and develop your niche.”

What do you think makes a good Marketer?

“To be a good marketer you have to work with a product you believe in and feel passionate about. So many marketers deal with products and services they don't truly believe in, but working with a product or service you actually believe in makes your job easier and more engaging. For example, I truly believe in the Hyper-Local Fulfilment service we offer here at Parcelly because it's something that has developed in line with customers' shift to e-commerce. In the past warehouses used to be decentralised in order to be near transport hubs but now they need to be close to the customers allowing retailers to offer flexible same-day delivery for their customers. I have always believed in this innovation which makes my job more enjoyable and this enables me to pass across this vision to potential partners and clients.”

How would you say Parcelly is different from other internships?

“By working at Parcelly, I have been able to be focused on the vision of the company and understand where my efforts are contributing to its end product, whereas at a big multinational you may feel a bit detached and feel your contributions are not adding value. Here at Parcelly, being a start-up, working with our amazing team, I am fully involved. For example, when creating a training brochure for our Parcelly Locations, I see how my B2B marketing effort makes the process smoother, I see how my social media efforts are helping us attract new partners. I experience from first hand what Marketing is all about. I have a lot of responsibility and have that accountability that makes me go the extra mile to help contribute to the team.”

THANK YOU Avneet for being such a great colleague and contributing towards Parcelly’s vision! 

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