Team Spotlight: Ayomide Sasegbon, Marketing Associate

Published by Hannah Thomson
 • 20 July 2021


Here at Parcellyteamwork makes the dream work. Our valued members of the team are the pillars of the company and their hard work deserves recognition!

To discuss their past experiences and their future goals, we have interviewed some of Parcelly's great people. We hope you enjoy reading the conversations as much as we loved having them.

The fourth feature is on Ayomide, one of our Marketing Associates, as he reflects on his year-long placement within the Marketing Department. Ayomide studies International Business at the University of Loughborough. 



Tell me about yourself and why you decided to become a Marketing Associate at Parcelly?

“I am currently an International Business student at Loughborough University. I chose to join the Parcelly Marketing Department as the world of marketing has always fascinated me. I felt that working at a startup specifically would be a really good opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge and have a lot of responsibility from the get-go. I really wanted to dive into the marketing world to get as much experience as possible. At the end of the day, that's what a placement year is for. During my role there were so many different types of responsibilities put on me in terms of social media, helping rebrand the website, and other physical and digital marketing practices. It really gave me an all-encompassing look at the marketing world. The reason I joined Parcelly was to gain that first-hand experience and that was invaluable. "


How does Parcelly differ from your previous work experience? 

“Parcelly provides a very unique experience. First of all, it's a start-up and with a start-up you are gaining invaluable experience. The nature of this job means you get to see a lot of things through from idea generation to the final outcome of your creative brainstorm. Parcelly is such an innovative company, we're pushing technology within the logistics sector to a very exciting point, particularly within the last mile logistics space. I feel that being on the ground everyday with people that have the same vision for where they want the logistics sector to go and Parcelly's part in that is really rewarding and inspiring. The way it has also differed is that I've had so much more responsibility put on me, which has been a really good thing and a great learning experience."


What skills do you feel are needed to be successful in this Marketing role?

“A big skill first and foremost is having a passion for marketing in general. I think if you're not interested in what you're doing from the get go it makes things a lot more difficult. If you have a passion for what you are doing and the product you are trying to build, you can really succeed in marketing. More specifically on skills, you need to have really good attention to detail, be extremely creative, and a good problem solver. In general having a curious mindset, always looking for what's next, questioning what has been done in the past and how you can improve things in general. In marketing no one way will always work, it's an ongoing practice that develops itself year by year. A mixture of everything, but most importantly having a passion for it! "


THANK YOU Ayomide for being such a great colleague and contributing towards Parcelly's vision!

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