Team Spotlight: Lucas Pardo, Business Development Associate

Published by Hannah Thomson
 • 11 August 2021


Parcelly is all about teamwork. Our valued members of the team are the pillars of the company and their hard work deserves recognition! 

To discuss their past experiences and their future goals, we are interviewing some of Parcelly's great people. We hope you enjoy reading the conversations. We definitely loved having them!

The fifth feature is on Lucas, one of our Business Development Associates, who has just completed his 7 week Summer Internship here at Parcelly. Lucas is a Math major at the University of Chicago.



Tell me about yourself and why you decided to undertake a Summer Internship in Business Development and Sales at Parcelly?

“I'm a University of Chicago Math major student, with some experience related to parcels, as I have had a previous internship in a Parcel location shop. However, as I have a keen interest in tech, what really drew me to Parcelly was the chance to work for a tech start-up in London. Almost all industries are now becoming more intertwined with technology, which I find fascinating. The elegance of the solution that Parcelly brings to urban logistics and problems associated with failed deliveries is what drew my attention to the company. I was hoping to contribute to this during an exciting growth period for the company. "


What would you say has been your biggest learning experience during this Summer Internship?

“The most valuable skill that I have developed during this internship has been workspace communication. This is so necessary at Parcelly since it's a small but growing company. The fact that it is a start-up also means that the office is constantly solving new problems and those problems require the perspectives of all the employees. The communication and teamwork in the office is key to that problem solving, and creates a very hardworking yet enjoyable environment. "


What have you achieved in the 7 weeks with us that you are particularly proud of?

“As a STEM student, the skill I developed which I am the most proud of is improving my salesmanship. Before working for Parcelly I hadn't done a single cold call, and now I feel like I have improved my ability to communicate with potential customers and have grown to appreciate the importance of selling a product or service that you truly believe in, and have a good understanding of. Explaining the service to someone who has never heard of it may force you to answer questions about any aspect of it. "


THANK YOU Lucas! You have been a great addition to the team this summer and we wish you all the best in your future. 

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