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 • 08 December 2016

The team says THANK YOU to our Parcelly friends, business partners and supporters for an amazingly successful 2 years.


"In 2014 we launched Parcelly to show that current last-mile solutions provided by the existing carrier networks and retailers were incomplete. Traditionally, online shoppers had to cope with changing delivery solutions, depending on which website they were buying or with which carrier their purchase was delivered. So they were exposed to retailer and carrier focused models, rather than being in control how, when and where they wished to receive their parcels.

In just 2 years, we achieved to turn this traditional model on its head, reinventing last- and first-mile delivery by providing convenient and carrier agnostic parcel collection points to online shoppers all across the UK. All this handled via an award winning smartphone app, with the benefits of providing footfall to our partnering Parcelly locations, a Click&Collect service to stakeholders across the entire supply chain and finally by reducing the environmental impact of failed parcel deliveries.

Parcelly is unique in several ways and with a pipeline full of new innovative services, we are all truly excited to continue reinventing 21st century logistics."

- Sebastian Steinhauser, CEO & Founder Parcelly


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