Business Partner of the Month: MIAMI HEALTH AND FITNESS, LONDON

Published by Parcelly Team
 • 30 March 2017

Parcelly is very happy to announce that our chosen Location of the Month is... Miami Health & Fitness!

Here at Parcelly, we are all about customer convenience and control. Our aim is to be wherever is most convenient for our customers, letting them control how and when they wish to receive their parcels. 'Cos let's face it... delivery slots are just far too limiting!


LoM Miami Gym


Location: 208-210 Old Kent Road, London, SE1 5TY
Operating hours: Mon-Fri: 09.00-22.00 Sat: 10.00-18.00 Sun: 10.00-16.00



"Being a Parcelly location not only lets us provide convenience for Parcelly customers, but it also helps us gain new members. We always offer to tour the gym to those coming in to pick up their parcels.  We're very happy to be part of the network, as being a Parcelly location has opened the door to new revenue streams for us."

- Dan Obene, Store Manager


Dan mentioned that he loved the simplicity of the mobile-app, he is able to check-in and check-out with ease and without distrupting his daily business or tasks. He also noted that on the rare occasion that he has called the customer service helpline, his query was always dealt with in a polite and efficient manner. 

Parcelly strives to put business owners in full control of the parcel flow, offering not only the ability to modify the number of parcels they wish to receive, but also to control the size of the parcels - all in real time directly via the app. This means that no matter what the storage capacity or nature of your business is, we welcome you to join our Parcelly network and benefit from new customers, additional footfall to your store as well as an additional revenue stream.

Congratulations again to Miami Health & Fitness, London and a big THANK YOU for being such a wonderful business partner that has been contributing towards Parcelly’s vision.

If your business is interested in joining our network and becoming a Parcelly location, please do not hesitate to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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