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 • 11 September 2015

LONDON - Parcelly is offering a fully mobile based click & collect solution to solve the problem of failed home deliveries and to convert any local business into a parcel collection point. The service is smartphone based which makes it very easy to setup and operate for Parcelly locations, allowing consumers to collect their online purchases where and when they want.

In its effort to be the most innovative provider of convenient parcel collection points, Parcelly has now extended it's offering to numerous petrol forecourts in Greater London, Manchester, Birmingham and other cities in the UK.


We are always developing our platform and services, and we will continue to grow our network and the variety of parcel collection points, getting even closer to our customers and to places which perfectly fit their individual lifestyles and needs. We believe it is a fantastic proposition for online shoppers to offer parcel collection at forecourts nationwide. The extended opening hours and the high geographic accessibility, fit in perfectly with our focus on consumer convenience

- Sebastian Steinhauser, CEO of Parcelly

Apart from the benefit of zero implementation costs for local businesses of any kind, to become one of Parcelly’s collection points, the service is also flexible on the online retailer side and rather than being exclusively attached to certain providers, its open-loop solution is compatible with any online retailer and local or international carrier.

After downloading the app, the consumer simply enters the delivery address of the chosen Parcelly location into the check-out form when shopping online and the parcel is then sent by the existing delivery solution to the Parcelly location using a secure reference code (Parcelly ID).

Parcelly has already grown to over 145 Parcelly locations in London and the UK over the past 8 months and was presented at this years’ Home Delivery Europe conference as “one of the most innovative start-up companies in B2C delivery”.

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