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 • 30 December 2021

The entire Parcelly team wishes you a very HAPPY 2022!

2021 has yet again been an eventful year full of challenges which has created both change and potential for urban logistics

E-commerce has continued to boom in 2021. Global online sales have reached $5.4 trillion and are expected to rise even further to $5.9 trillion in 2022. Online shopping habits are here to stay, highlighted by 69.6% of people spending less in person and more online since Covid-19, around 20 months ago. These trends show the importance of continued investment in an omnichannel strategy for online retailers to connect the in-person and online experience for their future growth. Looking forward, 2022 will be defined by 4 major trends according to Forbes: increased environmental consciousness, social commerce, hybrid retail and consumer loyalty. We would like to take a closer look at all of these trends ahead of New Year. 


1) Conscious consumers and the environment. 

Retailers need to evolve with consumers to hold relevance in 2022, placing sustainability at the heart of their business. 90% of consumers are more concerned about sustainability than ever before, and as consumers opt for more eco-friendly choices, retailers need to make sustainability a real priority and vocalise their plans.

Sustainability is also a top priority at Parcelly. Our Pick-up and Drop-off (PUDO) solution helps to limit the environmental impact of deliveries by reducing failed deliveries and driver destinations. Parcelly also proactively offsets carbon emissions through our partner Atmosfair, making a difference one parcel at a time.

2) Social commerce 

2022 will see the rise of social commerce, where brands meet consumers where they are, non-disruptive to their experience. Social shopping, the buying of goods directly within a social media platform will shape our 2022, with live-streaming being placed at the forefront of shoppable content according to Forbes.

The exceptional growth in E-commerce is consistent with the 450% YoY growth Parcelly has experienced, mainly driven by consumers new to E-commerce channels and platforms. Our dark-store proposition leverages our partnerships with third party delivery platforms such as Deliveroo, Uber Eats and Just Eat. As such, Parcelly’s platform powers any online retailer or carrier to offer a ‘prime’ alike fulfilment solution. 

3) "Hybrid retail"

Today the consumer shopping journey will cross from online to offline, often several times before a purchase is made. This is known as hybrid retail. An omnichannel strategy is key to elevate and personalise customer experience. Consumers are opting for hybridised shopping rather than strictly just online or offline, up 9% from this time last year. Therefore retailers need to focus on delivering a seamless, integrated and stress-free experience to their consumers as they shift between the digital and physical world. 

Parcelly’s Hyper-local Warehousing solution turns excess space in local brick and mortar stores into on-demand retail storage capacity. Our solution enables services such on-demand delivery from store to power the entire instant logistics demand.

4) Loyalty as the new frontier for growth 

Customer experience is more important than ever before, with brands needing to work hard to maintain loyalty. The trend towards hyperlocal shopping has become extremely important. Customers can now check the stock of their local physical stores online for their desired products.The power of local to drive loyalty will be crucial for retailers in the year ahead as consumer expectations around delivery and fulfilment rise. 

Parcelly helps drive loyalty both for online retailers and brick and mortar Parcelly locations. Online retailers grow brand loyalty and visibility by extending their reach utilising Parcelly’s Hyper-local Warehousing locations. Brick and mortar retailers drive loyalty with their local consumers by expanding the breadth of services they offer such as Parcelly Click&Collect. Therefore consumers gain increased loyalty towards local businesses while also increasing the sales for high street businesses in times of reduced footfall. 


Through Covid-19 restrictions and supply chain challenges, Parcelly has been able to thrive in another extraordinary year. We are proud to count amongst many important milestones the launch of our Warehousing 2.0 technology, over 1000 new PUDO locations in our UK network and more than 10 added online retailer and courier partnerships

For Logistics, we project that 2022 will be no different in terms of demand and volume growth

We would again like to thank you, our valued business partners, clients, and team members for all we have achieved throughout 2021.

We’re wishing you and your family a prosperous, healthy and successful New Year. Now to begin a new chapter in 2022!

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