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 • 26 March 2021

Last Mile City Logistics is the German-speaking meeting point for providers and users of logistics solutions and strategies for the delivery of goods and services on the last mile: in both commercial and residential areas. Our CEO, Sebastian Steinhauser, was invited to be part of the expert panel of industry thought leaders, discussing the subject ‘The Future Goes Together?!: Trade - Municipality - Last Mile'.

The conference, which was held virtually, exemplified the innovation and tech-based solutions that are needed in the context of the last mile and urban logistics. The two-day event, with over twenty-nine sponsors including Swiss Post and Element Logic, hosted thirty speakers and panellists and showcased over twenty exhibitors. Experts, Sponsors and Media partners discussed solutions, exchanged thoughts on industry best practice, case studies. The conference was also an exposition for many new hardware and software products in the logistics sphere, spurring interesting discussion on the acceptance and feasibility of new logistics solutions in what is typically the most expensive part of modern supply chains, the last-mile (‘die Letze Meile’).



The first day included presentations and various panel discussions by a whole host of innovative companies operating within the last-mile logistics space.

Yves König, (Head of Smart Urban Logistics at Swiss Post) discussed the importance of smart logistics that are highly customisable but also scalable and efficient. Provided these objectives are met then this will inevitably translate into a competitive advantage. 

Later that day, Beres Seelbach (CEO and co-founder, ONOMOTION),  Johannes Berg (Managing Director, Digital Hub Logistics Hamburg), Tobias Jahn (Chief Sales Officer, ANGEL Last Mile GmbH), and Natalia Tomiyama (Co-founder and Managing Director, NÜWIEL GmbH) had a fascinating discussion on the challenges of sustainability within last-mile delivery. Stressing on the special requirements the CEP (Courier, Express, and Parcel) industry faces when considering last-mile delivery, each speaker provided expert knowledge and insight into the mobility alternatives that are being utilised and currently in development, such as cargo bikes which are slowly garnering a bigger share of the delivery vehicle market.

Day two was again packed full of exciting presentations and discussion from a diverse range of companies and professionals including, The Berlin University of Applied Sciences, LuckaBox and of course Parcelly, with our CEO Sebastian Steinhauser, joining a panel discussion on all things last-mile. 

The continued theme of sustainability, customer experience and consumer demands in a modern and post-covid E-commerce environment, and the innovations that are pushing this agenda forward were evident throughout the talks that took place. 

Sebastian was accompanied by an expert panel consisting of Björn Marc Paulus, (Managing Director and CEO pickshare GmbH), Dr Julius Menge, (Head of the group “Concepts and Measures for Commercial Transport” at the Senate Department for Environment, Transport and Climate Protection Berlin), and Dr Thomas Steinmüller, (LogTech - Association of Digitization and Networking eV, Board of Directors). The session focused on “The Future Goes Together?!: Trade - Municipality - Last Mile” giving a complex interpretation of where the three intersect and how they will continue to overlap in order to provide shared added value. Within the context of the COVID-19 pandemic as an accelerant of the digital future, each panellist provided expert insight and personal views into the technologies and practices that will shape the lives of the general public. Julius Menge highlighted the balancing act that needs to take place when employing new technologies in cities around the world, stating that ‘cities and countries around the world are different, no one approach will fit all’

Thomas Steinmüller shared bold predictions about the future of E-commerce and explained the types of technologies that will be essential to keep up with the growing demands of today’s consumers, stating that ‘anticipatory logistics is the future, utilising available data to manage the instant delivery demand of tomorrow’. He added that ‘The future of city retail is not shops and opening times, but dark stores, dark kitchens and 24/7 operating hours’ providing confident predictions for the new reality of retail. 

Sebastian linked this discussion with an overall commentary on the state of online retail and the role consumers are playing in promoting a more sustainable end to end process and focus on customer experience. 

‘We already see the emergence of mandatory charges for home delivery, which also makes consumers recognise their true business, societal and environmental cost, and hence encourages more sustainable behaviour’. 

Sebastian Steinhauer, CEO Parcelly 

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By offering sustainable last-mile solutions through PUDO enabled technologies such as Hyperlocal warehousing, Click & Collect, Cross Docking, and Returns Consolidation, Parcelly is ensuring retailers’ last-mile operations are meeting growing E-commerce pressures, remain operationally scalable cost-efficient, and above all sustainable.

Last Mile City Logistics has certainly been a highlight of 2021 thus far and provided great insights into the exciting innovations that are taking place within the logistics space. It has been wonderful to see the resourceful thinking that has allowed the logistics industry to manage the increased pressures caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the unprecedented nature of the past 12 months, the logistics industry, in general, has been able to rapidly scale and rise to the occasion, despite the seemingly never-ending increase in demand. The strategies, technologies and services that were on display and discussed over the two days will undoubtedly shape the future of city logistics and create a new normal in terms of efficiency, scalability, customer experience and sustainability. The future of urban logistics has never been more exciting. 

Parcelly had a fantastic time at the event, discussing the future of city logistics. Thank you to Last-Mile City Logistics #LMCL for hosting us, and putting on quite the show! We look forward to future events sharing our thought leadership and tech innovation and hopefully in person next year...#parcellove


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