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 • 18 April 2019

The 3PL & Supply Chain Summit is the most authoritative meeting point for the leaders and pioneers of the logistics industry. For the fifth consecutive year, we were excited to contribute to the event by showcasing our innovations to first- and last-mile delivery. Our CEO Sebastian Steinhauser was invited to join a high-profile panel discussion focusing on “Customer Experience (CX): front & centre”, along with BPost and FrieslandCampina.

The summit reunited innovators and leaders in retail, manufacturing, logistics and tech. The event was comprised of interactive presentations, panel discussions and networking opportunities where the C-Suite level attendees shared their visions and strategies to continue improving the logistics landscape. Along with DHL, Avon, UPS and Huawei, Parcelly left its unmistakable mark by sharing insides about its latest service features reinventing the future of urban logistics. 

This year, the event was based in the heart of Europe, Brussels. The 3PL Summit lasted three days of which we attended day two and it revolved around digitalisation, supply chain transparency, customer experience and the rise of new technologies, such as Machine Learning, AI and Blockchain.

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Day Two of the 3PL & Supply Chain Summit in Brussels  (image source: eft)

The first half of the day included a variety of insightful presentations and panels. Markus Jeeleschitz, Head of Corporate Sales at Gebruder Weiss, discussed how new technologies are influencing the logistics and transportation sector. He continued by stressing out the importance of Machine Learning to improve last-mile logistics. For example, he highlighted that its use could provide precise ETAs calculations and better predictions in general. He concluded by emphasising on the crucial role new tech plays in optimising the operations of logistics, e.g. higher efficiency and less administration. Joel Gard, Head of Europe at Coyote Logistics presented the results of qualitative and quantitative research and shared insights with the audience. The research dealt with the challenges facing the supply chain industry and the measures taken by key players to implement solid strategies. In particular, he stressed the role of human interactions in the industry and the need for 'balance between humanity and technology'. Interestingly, shippers and carriers agree that a '60% tech and 40% human expertise is the ideal balance in the supply chain'. 

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The second half the day centred around the supply chain transparency, innovations to improve last-mile and the 'dilemmas in logistics sourcing strategies'. Stefan Reidy, CEO at Arviem AG, engaged with the audience by providing an example of supply chain complexities defining the global supply chain in the production and sourcing of chocolate, and the ways they affect the final customers. He highlighted the need to gather and analyse raw data to 'coordinate the entirety of the global supply chain to ensure that goods are delivered on time and in optimal conditions'. As a study from the MIT Sloan School of Management demonstrates, 'customers are willing to pay extra to have more information about the products they buy', especially to know whether goods were produced in compliance with a company’s CSR. Later that day, representatives from Zooplus AG, Nu Skin, Locus.sh and PostNL discussed the new methods to innovate and drive efficiencies in the last-mile. They focused on the biggest trends defining the market and the panel pointed out collectively that 'sustainability is the main factor that is currently impacting on the purchase decision making'. They all stressed the need to 'implement the use of alternative delivery methods', such as bike deliveries and Pick-up and drop-off points. Furthermore, the panel established a conclusion Parcelly has been promoting since 2014, by adding that 'customers are increasingly demanding control and convenience in regards to their parcels'. They reported that 'customers want their package wherever they are and they do not want to wait at home anymore'.

Parcelly 3PL panel

Parcelly’s session took place in the afternoon on Day Two, where our CEO Sebastian was joined by Chris Vansnick, Manager Strategy from BPost and Pierre Mille from Friesland Campina. The panel revolved around customer experience. In particular, the areas covered were: 

  • Speak to your customer: Create a CX team which speaks directly to your customer and collates qualitative feedback to react to customer demands before your competition
  • Quantitative KPIs: Discuss the most effective measurements from which you can make informed and market reactive decisions including NPS, surveys and the Perfect Order
  • Don’t overcomplicate metrics: Discover how the application of multi-functioning displays will avoid confusion and a complex mass of information which is difficult to act upon

Customers satisfaction depends on choice, control and convenience’, Sebastian highlighted when asked how to engage with the customers and how to deliver the best service. He stressed out how 'consumers are demanding for alternative delivery methods' that suit their busy schedules: '74% of UK online shoppers expect alternative delivery options at checkout'. Subsequently, Sebastian explained how Parcelly embraces the global trend of digitalisation. He added that 'digitalisation is changing consumer demands and requires an adapted customer experience'. When asked about the challenges facing the industry, he explained that: ‘Same-day delivery and instant delivery will likely reach a 15% share of the total delivery market by 2021’. Sustainability was one of the main topics covered in the panel. In this regard, our CEO shared that '26% of consumers care a great deal of how their online deliveries are contributing to increased carbon emissions and traffic congestion'. 

Parcelly eft panel


Panel Session: Innovate to drive efficiencies in the last-mile 


Markus Jelleschitz, Head of Corporate Sales, Gebruder Weiss: 'The disruption in logistics has just started in comparison to other industries

Joel Gard, Head of Europe, Coyote Logistics: 'The underlying sentiment of carriers is not to eliminate driver costs, but to reduce hidden drivers’ costs that are increasing’ 

Stefan Reidy, CEO, Arviem AG: ‘77% of companies have no transparency in their supply chain

Sebastian Steinhauser, CEO, Parcelly: '87% of online shoppers are likely to shop again with the same retailer after a positive delivery experience'

Parcelly had a fantastic time at the event, discussing logistics, supply chain and e-commerce with key players in the industry. Thank you for hosting us Eye For Transport #3PLSCSEU19, and putting on quite the show! We look forward to future events sharing our thought leadership and tech innovation on stage... #parcellove


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