Published by Parcelly Team
 • 12 July 2017

At Parcelly we love to stay at the forefront of innovation and environmental issues, which is why we jumped at the chance to take part in the London Sustainability Exchange conference 'Innovation & Pollution: How can innovation in cities help tackle pollution?' 

Held at The Crystal, Royal Victoria Docks, speakers including representatives from DearmanDriveNow UK and Airlabs outlined the key challenges related to air pollution, and a number of innovative solutions were explored.

Our CEO, Sebastian Steinhauser and Head of Sales, Alex Pallin were invited to host the workshop ‘Innovation in Last and First-mile Delivery’ where they discussed how Parcelly is innovating last-mile logistics to create convenience for consumers and reduce greenhouse gas emissions through eliminating failed deliveries.

The conference explored how innovation in cities can help tackle pollution and covered key areas such as:

  • Challenges of air pollution

  • How innovative business models, ideas and technologies are helping to tackle pollution

  • New ideas and actions to improve air quality

Innovative leadership

A fantastic event with a very diverse range of companies! We believe it is crucial to raise awareness about an issue that is important to so many of us. We love to discuss different ideas, solutions and technologies that are being put into place to help tackle pollution through innovation.

- Alex Pallin, Head of Sales at Parcelly


The Innovation & Pollution conference provided an excellent opportunity to network and share ideas. It was great to meet with fellow industry players who also thrive on innovative ideas to create a greener environment. We really enjoyed sharing and listening to different ideas, and would like to thank London Sustainability Exchange once again for inviting us to spread the #parcellove!


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