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 • 23 December 2022

2023 is upon us! 

As we wrap up 2022, we’d like to share our yearly highlights and milestones with you! From company growth and expansion to awards and thought leadership, keep reading to find out what milestones and highlights we have been celebrating at Parcelly in 2022.  

1. Partnerships and Sales 

Focussing on our clients’ needs, we made significant changes to our platform, including new service features we provide and the platform’s overall performance. Leveraging that, our sales and key account management team continued to scale existing partnerships and client projects both in the UK and USA; and across a broad range of e-commerce partners, from logistics to online retail. Amongst others, we are proud to have partnered with RELAY, a new and exciting logistics company that helps retailers supercharge their e-commerce growth. Parcelly’s cross-docking solution enables RELAY to optimise operations by increasing efficiency, improving logistics operations and driving a more sustainable delivery cycle.  

Powering our longstanding partner Bryson for its market-leading product “Bryson Now”, Parcelly expanded the London hub network in Zone 1 through 4 across 7 sites. The UK's leading manufacturer, importer and distributor of GIY and building materials, not only distributed “on demand” safety, fixings and protection products but this year also government-approved lateral flow tests in London within one hour. We are proud that our hyperlocal-warehousing solution enabled such a great and important cause, especially in the time of high demand at the beginning of the year. You can find an article on our blog discussing the details of the initiative with Bryson.

2. Expansion & Growth 

2022 has been a year of major growth for Parcelly. Starting in February with our expansion into the USA, where we are already operating in 5 cities: New York, Miami, Cleveland, Chicago and Los Angeles. With Parcelly Inc. registered in 9 states (California, Florida, Illinois, New York, Ohio, Texas, Georgia, North Carolina, Washington D.C) we are lining up our expansion and growth targets for the coming year. After appointing Chris Marett as General Manager in the US, we now have a team of five working on developing Parcelly’s service and operations in the US. We are proud to have entered this new and exciting market, but we also started expanding our online retail and logistics client base – stay tuned for some amazing partnership and project announcements in the new year! It is just the beginning of our journey over on the other side of the Atlantic!  


Besides our dedicated team in New York City, we now also have an office in Frankfurt as we are growing the team across continental Europe. It’s worth noting that the UK remains the location of our Parcelly HQ and the core market for our business in 2023. 

Besides the enormous team growth, we are proud to have a number of new appointments to our board. With Andrea Cullen and Sadiq Mohammed announced in 2021, we are delighted to welcome Max Blatt (Lots Group) and Christian Zeuchner (East Hill Equity) to the board of directors. With Ken Allen as the new chairman of the board, we are in a great position to tackle the challenges and opportunities in 2023 head-on!  

3. Public relations spotlight

With the pandemic pretty much behind us, we have been back on the road in 2022. Participating in 6 top industry conferences across 4 countriesThe Log Point: Micro-Fulfillment and Warehousing in London, DELIVER in Amsterdam, TechDay in New York, Connexus in Tuscon,  Internet Retailing Expo (IRX) in London and Parcel+Post Expo in Frankfurt. You can read about all our conference highlights on our blog. Highlights have been most certainly DELIVER in June and Parcel+Post Expo in September. Further to this, we would encourage you to watch the talk by our CEO and Founder, from the DELIVER conference on the benefits of "Hyper-local Fulfilment Networks for Sustainable Out of Home Delivery Services" and innovative solutions to "reduce Delivery Costs and increase Last and First Mile delivery speeds", available on YouTube.  


But that’s not all, we kept being recognised for our innovative technology platform and have been honoured to receive two additional accolades this year: firstly, we won the category “Most Innovative PUDO Logistics Solutions Provider 2022, UK” of the Global Excellence Awards, organised by Acquisition International; and secondly, in the category “Most Innovative Courier Service Provider 2022, London” of the Global Business Awards by Corp Today Magazine. In addition to that, we were shortlisted over 4 times in 2022: Firstly,  as a “Transport and Logistics Tech of the Year” by the National Technology Awards in the UK. Secondly, as one of the "50 Innovative Companies to Watch 2022" by The Silicon Review Magazine. Thirdly, as a “Top 5 Logistics Tech Startups in UK 2022” in the 3rd edition of 'Logistics Tech Startups 2022' of the Logistics Tech Outlook Europe magazine. And finally, as a "Top 10 Logistics Solution Providers of 2022" by the DigiTech Insight Magazine. We are grateful to be continuously recognised by awarding bodies for the value we add to our clients and partners and for innovation in the logistics space.  

Besides awards, Parcelly has made it to the news on multiple occasions this year. The most notable one, most certainly, was our latest round of financing (Series-A) in February led by Scania Growth Capital. Fueling our expansion plans, technology and team development, this announcement achieved truly global recognition, being distributed by over 34 publications across 7 countries and translated into 4 languages (German, French, Swedish and Russian), including TechCrunch, Post & Parcel, Yahoo Finance, and London Tech Watch.

 4. Team highlights 

There have been tons of great memories across our different Parcelly office locations throughout the year. 


The team has highlighted the company expansion, the opening of the new offices and the sense of culture and community that has evolved across all our locations. Besides our network team, in particular, has highlighted the onboarding of 1500 partner stores in the UK – which proves Parcelly’s operational expertise and scalability! According to our team survey, 50% of us also mentioned our UK Christmas Party as the most memorable, where the Bristol and London office teams came together for a big and well-deserved year-end celebration. 

90% of our team members noted that the main thing they’re looking forward to in the upcoming year is the company’s growth and development. Two third are also looking forward to welcoming new recruits, alongside growing our partnering store network and international partnerships. 

 5. Company outlook - the year ahead  

With pure excitement, we are now looking to 2023 and are preparing for a year that will be shaped by a wide range of global trends that are expected to impact consumer demand and global supply chains alike.  

Digitisation will play a key role in that and we are preparing our product, operational and service strategy accordingly.  

Fuelled in early 2022 with our USA operations in Chicago and New York, the road map in 2023 will see Parcelly expanding into more than 10 additional US cities. Besides, we are preparing the launch of Parcelly in continental Europe - we can’t disclose it all, but please stay tuned.  

Today, Parcelly’s unique technology platform enables not only the activation of excess space for global logistics and e-commerce operations but also a range of tailored last- and first-mile service modules. All through the same platform, providing both backend capabilities that can be integrated seamlessly through our API, and front-end functionalities powered by our native in-house mobile apps. Driving efficiencies for the ever-more challenging world of urban logistics has never been easier! Our focus in 2023 lies on PUDO solutions and the impactful functionalities around Hyper-Local Warehousing also referred to as “Dark Stores”. 


The team has multiplied this year as we are now over 45 of us at Parcelly! We plan on continuing to grow in the next year, so if you know someone that might be interested in joining Parcelly, thank you for sharing our careers page with our current vacancies. With roles available in London, Frankfurt and New York we are recruiting on all levels of experience and expertise. If you know someone currently looking to move roles and become a part of a fast-growing, international tech company, we would thank you for the introduction. Besides welcoming new-joiners to the Parcelly family, we want to be one of the best places to work and are expanding our people development plans and overall benefits in line with the standards of a truly new hybrid work era. 

What hasn’t changed, is our mission and vision we are now enabled to expand across 3 countries (and more to come), which is making last- and first-mile delivery more operationally efficient, less of a financial challenge for Ecommerce brands and carriers and most of all as sustainable as possible. We keep changing the world one parcel at a time... 

Let us close by saying that on behalf of the whole Parcelly team, we’d like to wish you a prosperous, successful and very happy 2023! Let’s continue our mission to power the new reality of retail and revolutionise the future of urban logistics together! 

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