Location Spotlight: Barnardo's (Brixton)

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 • 08 August 2019


 A round of applause for this very hard-working charity shop which is a pillar of the community, helping to reduce waste by giving old items a new lease of life. We are very proud of all our Barnardo’s partners, but a special thank you is needed for this dedicated and friendly team. We caught up with Rebecca and her ‘home from home’ to find out more about how they view Parcelly and the highlights of their working days.

Rebecca, it’s lovely to meet you, would you like to share when you started working in this charity shop?

Hello, it is great to meet you too. I started working in this Barnardo’s charity shop in March, but I have a corporate background actually, I used to work in the Shard. However, I quit because I wanted to work in an ethical environment. By working here, we are generating revenues from what people do not want anymore and we help children in need. With our resources, we make sure that children are looked after and cared for. Most of the revenues for Barnardo’s primarily come from its outlets so we know we have a direct impact on the organisation. Our team is united by the cause, 

What do you enjoy the most about your job? 

I like working with this team and the customers are amazing. We have our regulars who come in at the same time every day to see whether we have anything new. As we serve on a first come first serve basis, we have gathered a little community around us. Nobody sees this as a job and we know that we are working to help vulnerable people. When we are carrying bags that weigh 6 or 7 kg of pre-loved clothes, we know that all the hard work is worth it. Not only we are helping children, but we are aware of the positive impact this charity shop has. The clothes that I am wearing today are all pre-loved. I always try to source locally and I like browsing what other charity shops have, as well. I actually started charity shopping when I was 14 and I still have the first coat I bought. 

What is the best part of this place? 

The best part about this place is that every day is different, you will never know what you will come across. As you can see from my office, this place is filled with the weird, the wonderful and the fabulous. You are constantly finding treasures. And as I said, the team is also a highlight, it feels like a family, like coming from one household to another household. 

Parcelly Barnardos LOM

How have you found the Parcelly service? Has it impacted footfall in any way? 

The people who come in to pick up their parcels do tend to give a good look around as well! I believe it is a great service. As a full-time worker, I completely understand that there is nothing worse than getting home and finding out that your parcel could not get delivered, especially if it was something that you really wanted or urgently needed. The only time you can go to the Post Office to collect your parcel is when you are off, during the weekend or on holidays, and you do not want to worry about your parcels in your free time, you want to enjoy it. I think Parcelly is a good service and it definitely fills a need. 

(Rebecca) How do we win that red fridge for our common room? 

Parcelly has started a competition between Barnardo’s charity shops. The winner will be the Barnardo’s charity shop that promotes Parcelly’s Click & Collect in-store. To get more marketing collateral, all you need to do is to contact your account manager and request them. Parcelly has decided to issue this little competition to thank you to our dedicated locations and, it is something small from us to you. Parcelly really values CSR and with this initiative, we want to positively contribute to Barnardo’s cause.

Parcelly LOM Barnardos

Location: 414 Brixton Rd, Brixton, London SW9 7AY, UK (/// minds.sports.fake)

Opening times: Mon-Sat 09.30-17.30: Sun 10.00-16.00

"I think you guys are pretty cool! Coming from a completely different background, I was not familiar with the service, but the team was very patient with me and, especially when I did not know the basics! Now, we completely understand it and it is very seamless! It only takes two seconds to call the customer service team and check in or check out a parcel."

CONGRATULATIONS again to BARNARDO'S (BRIXTON) and Rebecca and a big THANK YOU for being such a great business partner and contributing towards Parcelly’s vision! 

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