Location Spotlight: MACE EXPRESS IN LONDON

Published by Parcelly Team
 • 06 September 2018


Mace Express is situated in the heart of Bow, not far from the fantastic Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, and a fixed staple of its community. Chosen for providing an exceptional customer service and receiving nothing but 5-star ratings from happy Parcelly customers (WOW!), we think it's safe to say that if you need parcels collected in the Bow area, Mina's lovely store is THE place to go.

We sent Parcel(ly) enthusiast Dan from our team to congratulate Mace Express on their flawless service, and to hear more from Mrs. Patel on how our Click&Collect service fits in with her day to day business...

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Mrs Patel, how did you hear about Parcelly?

Actually, someone called Mariana from Parcelly heard about me! She was the one that kept ringing and ringing and ringing me, explaining to me how easy Parcelly was to use and implement. In the end, I just gave in and said, ‘ok go for it’ (and I never looked back).

And what's using the Parcelly app like, does it interfere with your day to day operations?

Not at all, it's very minimalistic and intuitive to use. We were reluctant to sign at first as we offer another parcel collection service and didn’t want it to clash with that, but Mariana explained that we can easily work with multiple parcel collection services and there has never been any interference with that or our daily business.

With running the service do you find you have new customers coming into the store?

We do yeah, basically anyone who’s using Parcelly is new to us. At the start, customers would only really come in and collect their parcels, but as they started coming more often they would plan their trip in advance, i.e. come in, collect their parcels and pick up anything else they needed from the shop. I’m not sure how they find us, but they do... (probably because Mace Express is super conveniently located for a lot of Click&Collect fans in the area!)

And finally, what do you like to get up to in your free time?

This is my free time hahaha, running the store consumes a lot of my time, but it doesn’t feel like work to me. My husband and I have been running the store for a very long time, 'before you were born' [Mr. Patel added] over 27 years! 


Location:  110 Coborn Road, London, E3 2DG  (What3Words: forget.hogs.sheets)
Opening Times:  Monday-Friday: 06:30-19:30; Saturday: 07:00 - 19:30; Sunday: 07:00 - 15:00


'We'd actually be super interested in your Key Exchange and Mini-Warehousing services, especially if these are as easy to operate as the Click&Collect merchant app!'

- Mrs. Patel (Store Owner)


Wow, 27 years, now that really is commitment to excellent service... Congratulations again to Mace Express and a big THANK YOU for being such a great business partner and contributing towards Parcelly’s vision! 

Parcelly aims to give business owners full control over their parcel flow, offering them the ability to modify the number of parcels they wish to receive, as well as the option to control the size of the parcels stored - all in real time via the app. This means that regardless of the storage capacity or nature of your business, we welcome you to join our parcel collection network and benefit from new customers, additional footfall to your store as well as an additional revenue stream. 

If your business is interested in joining our nationwide network and becoming a Parcelly location for Click&Collect, Key Exchange or Mini-Warehousing services, please do not hesitate to CONTACT US.


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