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 • 02 January 2019

Hello, New Decade - we have been waiting for you!

What’s better than beginning the year by reminiscing about all the milestones we have achieved in 2019

The past year has been full of successes and innovations. First, we not only strengthened our existing relationships with our valued partners such as Barnardo’s and the Costcutter Supermarkets Group, but we also expanded our long list of retail and logistics partnerships. Recognised by industry leaders such as DHL and Krispy Kreme, we endeavoured into new service verticals and markets in the past 12 months. Second, we continued to travel the world, invited to the most influential industry events, sharing our thoughts on the future of urban logistics and sustainability, and showcased our technology innovations amongst our peers. Third, our solutions have yet again been awarded and recognised as the “Most Innovative Logistics Solutions Provider 2019” by a high-profile panel of expert judges. Fourth, we keep on emphasising the role that sustainability plays in our everyday business and successfully communicated our environmental impact and efforts by making the last- and first-mile of parcel deliveries more efficient and greener. Last but not least, we would like to share with you our projections in regards to the innovations that will define 2020 and the new decade

But that’s not even scratching the surface, so please carry on reading and enjoy our selection of proud highlights for 2019… #parcellove



2019 has been essential from a business and partnership development perspective. We achieved to establish our innovative urban logistics services as solutions for both, traditional retail and logistics partners and market-leading tech-firms in the industry. With our in-house Hyper-Local Fulfilment ("Parcelly extends partnerships with Bryson") and Cross-Docking services ("Parcelly and Krispy Kreme's partnership"), we introduced and developed meaningful partnerships with industry leaders that really changed how consumers receive and return items today and in the future ("Parcelly P'n'P' with Stuart"). The latest step in this process of market-leading tech innovation was to expand abroad, with our most recent international presence established in the MENA region ("Parcelly partners with DHL Express in the MENA region").

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Amazing partnerships were not the only highlights of our year 2019 as we confirmed our role as thought leaders in the logistics and last-mile industry. We also showcased our tech innovations at more than 15 exhibitions, trade shows and conferences (TDC, The Courier & Postal Services Forum 2019, Leaders in Logistics, The Retail Summit). Presenting and exhibiting alongside international brands and industry innovators such as BPost, TfL, Nike, Zalando, Geopost, City Sprint, what3words and posttag, amongst others.

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We keep on expanding and we keep on winning! We’ve been extremely proud and humbled by being nominated as the “Most Innovative Logistics Solutions Provider 2019“ by CV Magazine and have been shortlisted in over 4 awards and categories: 

  • Most Disruptive Tech Award 2019” by Retail Systems Awards ("Parcelly's double shortlisting")
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Award 2019” by Retail Systems Awards
  • App of the Year 2019” by Business Green Technology Awards
  • Supply Chain / Logistics Technology of the Year 2019” by Business Green Technology Awards

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Sharing economy and sustainability have always been close to our hearts and set our vision and mission. Our technology not only reinvents traditional last-mile delivery methods ("Parcelly streamlining urban logistics") but we achieve an instant short-term environmental impact by reducing the number of failed deliveries, of driver destination and the overall courier mileage ("Parcelly's thought leadership corner on Hyper-Local Fulfilment"). From reducing congestion based on the decentralisation of warehouse space to optimising the type of delivery method required, we continue to share our views on the opportunity of conciliating online shopping with sustainability ("Parcelly continues to drive thought leadership"). We have now offset more than 285,000 kg of C02 emissions with Atmosfair and we are proud to be referenced in market-leading research white papers ("Parcelly streamlining urban logistics").

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Now, our take on what awaits us and the logistics and tech industry in 2020:

  • The success of 5G, as mentioned by the New York Times, will be one of the main tech highlights of the new decade. There are multiple benefits arising from this technology, such as faster communication between devices and faster data sharing. 
  • Increased household automation will be reached in 2020. Google, Apple and Amazon are now collaborating to bring real innovation in their respective virtual assistants. From automated online shopping to auto-replenishment at home and an “internet-connected light bulb down the line that works with Alexa, it should also work with Siri and Google Assistant”. 
  • Green logistics will be one of the main objectives of the key players in the industry. From recycling and reusing packaging to optimise the “ecological impact of traditional logistics operations”, companies have realised how much the transportation of goods affects the environment and have made a top priority to make their operations greener - in line with Parcelly's core services provided. 
  • Decentralised warehouses will substitute the traditional suburbans fulfilment centres to increase delivery times and “to satisfy consumers’ needs for faster deliveries” (see also "Parcelly Spotlight on Hyper-Local Fulfilment")

Parcelly Service Update Predictions 

Finally, on the 8th of December 2019, we have celebrated 5 years of Parcelly and would like to extend a very special thank you to our loyal customers, business-, retail- and logistics partners and all-around parcellove(rs) out there...

We already have exciting developments in the pipeline for 2020 and can't wait to find out what else the new year has in store for us! The entire Parcelly team wishes you a fantastic start to the New Year; here's to changing urban logistics for the better and innovating the first and last-mile!


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