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 • 12 March 2021

MASSIVE news...Parcelly has been announced as the winner of another award (lucky number 17...and counting!). We are immensely proud to be recognised as “Most Innovative E-commerce Logistics Platform 2020” by EU Business News’ European Enterprise Awards 2020.

The European Enterprise Awards celebrate the success stories of European businesses that have weathered the storm of economic uncertainty through 2020, with an emphasis on businesses that have continuously enhanced their products and/or services to appeal to a global audience. Parcelly has been recognised as our ongoing efforts to revolutionise the logistics landscape continue to disrupt the industry and offer unparalleled service for our retail and logistics partners. This award marks Parcelly’s 17th international recognition and third award of 2020, with previous highlights including, the 2020 E-Commerce Trailblazer of the Year and being shortlisted for Businesscloud’s London Tech 50.

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Covid-19 has caused unprecedented disruption to businesses across all sectors, however, this award is a testament to Parcelly’s ability to constantly innovate in order to achieve maximum satisfaction for our clients, despite the many unexpected challenges 2020 has brought. Parcelly’s revolutionary Pick-Up and Drop Off (PUDO) technology is providing unrivalled customer convenience by eliminating the complexities surrounding delivery within dense city centres, creating a sustainable first and last-mile delivery solution.

The recent (and on-going) lockdowns have facilitated a rapid increase in the number of goods bought online with top tier UK retailers online sales accounting for 70% of all sales during the Christmas peak period according to IMRG - and those trends show no sign of abating when lockdown restrictions are eased. Retailers’ ability to offer an omnichannel experience and fulfil this increased demand will continue to have a sizeable impact on their bottom lines. It is clear, therefore, that logistics and supply chain management will require continuous innovation in order to remain agile through this period of rapid online channel growth.

We are proud to be recognised for our market-leading E-commerce logistics platform. Our industry is undergoing a fundamental shift with rapid digital adoption across the globe. Mckinsey & Co. have estimated that digital adoption for E-commerce deliveries has grown by 10 years in an 8-week period and although this trend has come out of necessity it has left lasting changes that have created a new normal for retail. Our technology platform is enabling online retailers of all kinds to offer a vast array of sustainable first - and last-mile solutions to scale their E-commerce operations, while also gaining access to strategically located commercial real estate. The constant growth of E-commerce has changed consumer expectations which are shaping the new reality of retail. We're extremely proud to be at the forefront of this innovation by diversifying the traditional tech platform, enabling Hyper-local warehousing, Click & Collect, Cross Docking, Reverse Logistics and Returns consolidation. We provide a carrier and retailer agnostic service which in turn is reducing the mileage and time required to deliver and return items of all sizes, across a multitude of E-commerce verticals".

Sebastian Steinhauser, CEO & Founder Parcelly.

Parcelly continues to rapidly increase its PUDO location network and currently operate over 2500 location partners in the UK, Europe and MENA. Our brilliant team are continually looking to revolutionise the world of Logistics and are proud of the recognition of their tireless work! 


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