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 • 20 October 2017

The 3PL Summit, Europe’s most exclusive C-level logistics event hosted by Eye for Transport brought together over 400 senior logistics executives, and their manufacturer and retailer supply chain counterparts to explore the future of the supply chain and logistics this week.

Held at the De Maaspoort venue in Venlo, the Netherlands from the 16th to 18th of October, Parcelly’s CEO Sebastian Steinhauser was invited to the panel discussion ‘Harmonising your network with today’s modern ‘anywhere, anytime’ customer’. Over the course of three days, the event looked at customer-centric models, technology, collaboration, commoditisation, contracting and the political and environmental conditions of the logistics market. As well as supply chain topics such as re-configuration, customer-centricity, the ‘omnichanel puzzle’ and increasing automation.



Sebastian, alongside Tom Rose, Head of International Operations at Spar International and Steve Rayson, Strategic Planning Manager SuperGroup Plc, discussed various prerequisites for meeting the modern consumer’s needs in the supply chain including:

  • Developing a robust omnichannel fulfilment network: Learning how to analyse each of your distribution nodes’ fulfilment potential based on customer demand to redesign and optimise your network

  • Becoming flexible at every node: Exploring the viability of changing nodes within your network from warehouses to storage, fulfilment and distribution centres to increase your omnichannel agility

  • Digitising your distribution network for greater communication: Hearing how to digitise your network through inter-departmental coordination and how the various systems in the stack need to interact more cohesively

  • Evolving your fulfilment strategy: Weighing the pros and cons of modern fulfilment strategies to design a system suitable for your customers’ needs: fulfilment centre vs. drop-ship, etc.

  • DSCF1515
    Image: Parcelly CEO Sebastian takes the stage for his panel discussion alongside representatives from Spar International and SuperGroup Plc

    Outcomes of the panel discussion included the following conclusions surrounding customer convenience:

  • The connected customer today expects a broad range of fulfilment and delivery services, in line with the brand experience of the retailer they were shopping with in the first place

  • Collaboration with and utilisation of existing services is key to harmonise the service proposition and improve the customer experience

  • The harmonisation needs to be driven by either the retailer (who owns the customer relationship) or the carrier to ensure a consistent customer experience

  • Technology is key, and needs to be implemented wherever possible (no need to reinvent the wheel, there are truly exciting logistics partners who provide a wide range of service features off the shelf)

  • "Consumers increasingly expect to be recognised, treated as individuals and to have control, choice and convenience over their delivery options. The convergence of retail and logistics has already started, but harmonising distribution and customer expectations can only be achieved efficiently through smart collaboration."

    - Sebastian Steinhauser, CEO & Founder atParcelly

    The 3PL Summit Europe provided a fantastic opportunity to network with international online retailers and carriers and we have countless valuable takeaways from the event surrounding the future of logistics and supply chain innovation. Thank you to the event organisers for Parcelly’s third fantastic experience taking part in the summit and we look forward to attending again next year!

    The full conference agenda can be accessed HERE, including the list of European logistics and supply chain leaders attending the event.


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