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 • 26 October 2017

Our CEO Sebastian Steinhauser was invited to speak at an exclusive ‘Delivering the Future’ event hosted by Linney last week. Held at the beautiful Linney Create in Mansfield, the conference explored ‘how to stay ahead in a fast-moving world of apps, stores, phones, drones and robots’, focussing on the following three main topics:

  1. From Desire to Doorstep
    From carrier pigeon to postie, drone to driverless car… who or what will be delivering your online purchases in the future? And how fast will they move your eagerly-awaited item from click to knock? What do brands and retailers need to do to deliver delight to consumers?
  2. Emotional Pull of the Perfect Package
    How to think outside the box when designing your product’s packaging. From texture and colour, to shape and size – what kind of design really delivers? We’ve got it covered.
  3. First-Class Fail?
    Are we really heading for an Uber-charged future? Or will our need for speed – fast food, quick journeys and quick-click clothing – deliver a second-class delivery service?

10 2017 The Quarry event collage


Besides the 3 main topics presented by Linney’s Insight Team; William Sachiti, Founder and CEO at Academy of Robotics, presented ‘Autonomous Delivery is Here – On demand delivery, 24/7 costing less than a pound’ and outlined the objectives of his new Kar-Go: last-mile delivery via driverless, autonomous cars.

His session was followed by Sebastian’s speaking slot on ‘Control, Convenience, Certainty How to meet the needs of the ‘Now’ Generation’. The presentation focused on the changing preferences of mobile and technology-enabled customers, as well as the transformation of e-Commerce, logistics and the first- and last-mile delivery space with the example of Parcelly.

10 2017 The Quarry Sebastian Speaking


The key outcomes of discussions during the event can be watched in an interview with Sebastian and included the following conclusions surrounding the future of deliveries:

  • Traditional deliveries cannot cope with the demands of 21st century e-Commerce and logistics
  • A huge discrepancy exists between consumer expectations and delivery experience
  • Consumers demands are continuously evolving (for example in terms of technology, customer service, etc), and they expect to be recognised and treated as individuals
  • Customer experience needs be consistent, from checkout to delivery experience, packaging and customer service
  • New technologies are shaping the future of deliveries
  • There is no one-solution fits all, instead there needs to be choice and flexibility when it comes to delivery options, aligned with consumers’ individual needs


"Retailers are increasingly trying to combine their online and offline presence to create an experience that is seamless for their customers. As consumers expect a personalised experience, delivery choices play a key role in providing both a positive and consistent brand experience across all touchpoints. The future of delivery ultimately needs to provide consumers with control, convenience and choice."

- Sebastian Steinhauser, CEO & Founder at Parcelly


With attendees including representatives from M&SArgosSkyHMVBootsPost Office to just name a few, The Quarry provided a fantastic opportunity to network, exchange thought leadership and spread the word about Parcelly's omnichannel logistics platform.


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