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 • 17 November 2016

Parcelly launched a new Key Exchange service, using its nationwide network of click&collect locations, which is a true industry first in the traditional logistics market. The dedicated Key Exchange service provides an additional layer of convenience for customers by allowing them to not only collect parcels at their preferred Parcelly location, but also to exchange keys with third parties as and when required.

Since inception, Parcelly has been awarded numerous times for its smartphone based, carrier and retailer agnostic click&collect solution, which converts redundant space in businesses (Parcelly locations) and individual homes (Parcelly Agents) into storage capacity for parcels.

Parcelly continues to disrupt the industry with the launch of this new Key Exchange service, designed to further optimise the use of space across its network of more than 700+ Parcelly locations across the UK. The service revolutionises the way property owners can exchange keys with family, friends, sub-tenants, maintenance and cleaning companies or other third parties, without having to try and accommodate busy schedules and by simply benefiting from Parcelly's easy to access nationwide click&collect network.

In a nutshell, our pioneering Key Exchange service offers the following core benefits to users:

  • Full flexibility of a nationwide network with convenient Parcelly locations close to your property.
  • Highly competitive pricing, charging an affordable flat rate for tailored key exchange options.
  • Full control of key exchange status during any stage of the process via the free Parcelly app or web-app, saving the hassle of manually tracking keys or an extensive paper trail.
  • Anonymity and secure exchange process through a unique Parcelly ID and single-use Collection PIN Code, shareable with third parties via in-app function.
  • Environmental and time benefit of minimal travel distance between key exchange parties.

Key Exchange Flows3

Parcelly Key Exchange Process, accessible via smartphone and web-app


In line with Parcelly's successful parcel collection process, the Key Exchange service has been designed with customer convenience at its core - the process is simple and straightforward and explained in more detail below:

  1. Select your convenient Parcelly location from our nationwide network, choose between two Key Exchange Subscription options (£10.99 for up to 8 key exchanges per month and £19.99 for up to 20 key exchanges per month) and follow the Parcelly booking process.
  2. Receive a unique Parcelly ID and attach this to the key(s) you wish to exchange. Deposit the key(s) at your selected Parcelly location.
  3. Receive a 4-digit Collection PIN Code as soon as your keys are securely checked in. Share this Collection PIN with the third party recipient you wish to give access to your keys.
  4. Track the status of your keys at any time. For key collection, the recipient needs to identify themselves with the unique Parcelly ID and 4-digit Collection PIN

As soon as the key(s) are returned to their Parcelly location and securely checked-in, the cycle begins again and can be repeated until the monthly Key Exchange subscription limit is reached. Parcelly's new Key Exchange service offers an easy, and above all, secure process for anyone who rents out their apartment or simply needs to hand a set of keys over to somebody else. Should you be interested in our new service please visit our Key Exchange Website HERE.


Parcelly is known for allowing online shoppers to control where and when they pick up their parcels, while converting consumers back into footfall for local shops and businesses nationwide. Given that our technology provides insights on the available storage capacity across our entire network in real-time, it was only natural for us to continue exploring further ways to optimise the use of redundant space and maximise the services a Parcelly location partner can offer. In line with Parcelly's successful click&collect solution, our Key Exchange service is a new exciting business vertical, providing the same level of convenience and control to home owners and the short-term residential lodging market alike.

- Sebastian Steinhauser, CEO & Founder of Parcelly

From a business perspective, joining the Parcelly network to become a Key Exchange location provides local stores and businesses with direct access to new customers, an increased footfall to their stores as well as enhanced cross-selling opportunities and an additional revenue stream.


key exchange collage

Secure Parcelly Key Exchange locker box (placed behind location counter)

If your business is interested in becoming a Parcelly location, please click HERE to get in touch. You will be joining an exciting and fast growing network. We look forward to hearing from you!


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