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 • 15 August 2018

We are pleased to announce our latest partnership with Bryson, UK’s leading importer, manufacturer and distributor of fixings, temporary protection and safety products, and last mile logistics provider Quiqup, to offer on-demand, same-hour delivery of construction materials to customers across London.

With a strong history of setting the standard in the delivery of fixings and a focus on fast, direct supply to both Retail and Leisure fit-out contractors across the UK, Bryson began offering next and same day deliveries before anyone else in the trade. Our new collaboration allows Bryson to raise the bar once again, by offering an industry first urgent, on-demand delivery option to contractors who just aren’t willing to wait for “later.”


We are excited to work with Quiqup and Parcelly, both experts in the field of customer service, in helping us deliver the industry’s first on-demand same-hour delivery of construction materials to our customers. Fit-out is a fast paced, time sensitive sector of the construction industry and sites simply cannot afford any delays. We understand that our customers’ needs are changing and there is an increasing expectation to have products on site ‘now’ rather than later. We also understand that convenience is key with more customers switching to options that are convenient. BrysonNow will offer our customers on site a solution; on-demand same-hour delivery of core products across London.

Daniel Reiner, Managing Director of Bryson

 Parcelly Quiqup Bryson launch AUG18 Bryson Site Tablet

 BrysonNow App promoting their new 1-hour delivery service of construction materials


Together, Parcelly and Quiqup enable Bryson to offer same-hour deliveries to their customers, by using Quiqup’s on-demand delivery fleet and Parcelly’s dynamic PUDO location network for storage. The collaboration allows Bryson to streamline their fulfilment process, speed up delivery cycles and ultimately improve customer experience and satisfaction.


Already a pioneer in its field with a deep understanding of the customer’s needs, Bryson is now taking its proposition one step further. This on-demand solution is a game-changer for an industry where delays can cost a business thousands. We’re so excited to be working with Bryson, alongside our long-time partner Parcelly, to solve problems all contractors have with urgent deliveries. Quiqup is passionate about getting brands closer to their customers and this on-demand delivery proposition helps Bryson do just that.

Bassel El Koussa, CEO and co-Founder of Quiqup


How exactly?

The process is simple and integrated seamlessly into Bryson’s existing fulfilment process:

  • Customers download the BrysonNow app on the Google Play and Apple stores. The app is available to all existing Bryson customers, using the same login details as the Bryson website. It is also available to any new customers with an easy sign up done directly on the App.
  • Customers then input the postcode they would like their items delivered to. Bryson will stock over 100 of their most popular items in strategically located micro-warehouses across Central London zones 1 & 2 - by far the widest range of products stored at any given Parcelly location in London.
  • With the delivery location confirmed, customers simply browse the core product range available on BrysonNow and place an order for same-hour delivery, charged at a flat fee of £20.
  • The order is then processed on Quiqup’s API and routed through Parcelly’s dynamic storage management system. The purchased items are collected by a Quiqup courier from the Parcelly location closest to the delivery destination.
  • Customers are notified via email with a tracking link so they can watch their order arrive in real time.
  • The Quiqup courier delivers the items to the customer and selected address, within the hour.

This same-hour delivery solution offers contractors one of the most valuable capabilities in the trade - the ability to turn a problem around in a matter of minutes.


As a true market innovator, Bryson is continuously resetting the service benchmark for the supply side of UK’s fit-out market. We are delighted to be rolling out a ground-breaking service in partnership with two great brands to further improve customer control, certainty and convenience. This collaborative solution enables Bryson to compete with the likes of Amazon in regards to on-demand delivery speed and customer experience, while shortening the fulfilment cycle and delivery leg in an environmentally friendly and more efficient way – a key subject in future urban logistics and a matter extremely close to our heart.

Sebastian Steinhauser, CEO and Founder of Parcelly

 Parcelly Quiqup Bryson launch AUG18 Parcelly mini warehouse2

Parcelly hyper-local mini-warehouse storage example


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