PARCELLY referenced in 'Who shares and who doesn't' research by Warwick Business School

Published by Parcelly Team
 • 11 July 2018

Warwick Business School recently published results of their UK Sharing Economy Consumer Survey 2017, analysing the dramatic pace at which the sharing economy is growing, changing attitudes towards the approach and potential effects on society.

In the report, Pinar Ozcan, Professor of Strategic Management states "The rise of the internet and an ever-connected world has empowered individuals and enabled companies to create disruptive business models which are transforming economies, businesses, industries and even the public sector. This cannot be truer than in the case of the sharing economy, which has increased in popularity, from being a minor phenomenon just a few years ago, to becoming a sizable business today and projected to become a substantial industry in the coming decade.'

'The sharing economy includes places to stay (e.g. Airbnb, Beds on Board), rides (e.g. Uber, Liftshare), rental cars (e.g. Easycar, Zipcar), parking (e.g. JustPark, Your Parking Space), services (e.g. Parcelly, TaskRabbit), meals (e.g. MealSharing, Eatwith), pre-owned goods (e.g. eBay, Gumtree) and funding (e.g. Justgiving, Crowdcube).' 

A few of the findings highlighted in the report:

23% of the UK population uses sharing economy services more than once a month
73% of people who engage in the sharing economy more than once a month also use multiple platforms
Environmental factors are also significant reasons for sharing, especially for providers of sharing services
Convenience/availability are top motivations for sharing in high income households


Parcelly are proud to be referenced as a key service provider of the Sharing Economy, and keep working hard to improve the environmental and social impact the rise in eCommerce has on airquality, traffic congestion and our local high streets - one parcel at a time! 

We’re on a mission to transform first- and last-mile delivery through innovative technology solutions, by turning redundant space in local shops and businesses into revenue generating consumer services like Click&collect, Key exchange and Mini-warehousing

Read on if you want to know more about our Sharing Economy approach and how much we care... #parcellove


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