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 • 06 February 2017

Parcelly are very pleased to announce our latest partnership with London Business Improvement District Brixtonextending our collaboration with local BIDs across London to help tackle the environmental impact of personal parcel deliveries.

Rising traffic congestion and air pollution levels have London's Mayor Sadiq Khan, Clean Air London, TFL as well as many local authorities campaigning actively to achieve urgent and sustainable ‘compliance with World Health Organisation guidelines for air quality throughout London’.

The new partnership sees Parcelly being offered as bespoke last-mile delivery solution for local councils, their employees, resident companies and citizens to support this cause. The key advantage for London organisations partnering with Parcelly is twofold:

1. The number of personal parcel deliveries sent to local offices will be decreased, as all employees will have the opportunity to choose Parcelly's click&collect solution at a discounted price as part of their employer benefits.

2. The number of delivery vans on London's roads will be reduced, as employees will have the choice to send their parcels to a convenient Parcelly location close to home, hence avoiding the need to transport personal deliveries through the centre of town, whilst also reducing the number of failed (carded) deliveries to Zero.


Congestion in London remains a huge problem which doesn’t seem to stop growing. Not only does it cause frustration for road users and reduces the functionality of the road network, but most importantly it highly contributes to London’s air pollution problem. The Transport Committee reports that the overall annual cost to the capital from traffic delays has actually risen by 30% in two years, amounting to £5.5bn overall. With this in mind we all have to do our bit to make City living sustainable and protect the environment, which is why the work and dedication of London BIDs and local authorities is so important.


"Brixton BID is already delivering a range of benefits to the town centre by providing additional policing, cleaning, and greening. We are now tackling the important issue of air quality. We are aware that Brixton Road is one of the most polluted areas in the Capital and are now putting in place a number of initiatives to improve air quality. The partnership with Parcelly is one of the many steps we are taking to ensure less vehicles drive into Brixton and to avoid congestion.
We want to make Brixton bright, safe and clean for everybody to enjoy."

Gianluca Rizzo, Brixton BID Operations Manager

At Parcelly, we are very proud of our green credentials, for which we have been recognized and awarded multiple times.

Our carrier and retailer agnostic business model resolves the last-mile delivery problem by offering convenient parcel collection points close to employee homes or transport hubs, depending on where they wish to collect their parcel deliveries. With now over 900+ locations across the UK, Parcelly provides a dense network of convenient click&collect locations particularly in London, thus playing a key role in reducing the volume of personal deliveries to offices and help ease congestion in highly populated commercial areas across the City (85% of our Parcelly locations are actually within a 10-minute walking distance to the nearest tube station in London's Zone 1; and 53% still in Zone 2). Parcelly also donates up to 5% of the price of each booking to our long-term partner Atmosfair.


“Parcelly was founded in London and we care hugely about the city and impact personal parcel deliveries have on the environment. The ambition of London’s Mayor, BIDs and local authorities to tackle air pollution and ensure a sustainable future for all Londoner’s is significant. We can’t imagine a better partner to affiliate ourselves with and plan to roll out dedicated collaborations with more London councils in the pursuit to become the city’s go-to click&collect service. Our aim is to help make our city cleaner, reduce traffic congestion and maximise parcel delivery efficiency, whilst providing full control and convenience for online shoppers.”

Sebastian Steinhauser, CEO & Founder of Parcelly

Parcelly allows governmental and corporate offices alike to prevent rising mail room costs associated with private parcel deliveries and parcel clutter at office spaces through our innovative click&collect solution. The product can be tailored to individual company needs, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn more about Parcelly’s corporate solutions and to discuss potential partnership opportunities.


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