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 • 11 August 2017

We all had our parcels delivered to the office. Before Parcelly was born that is, obviously. But that is just so yesterday!

Not only is it inconvenient for employees to be commuting with large parcels during rush hours, but diverting parcel deliveries into central London is also having a major impact on the environment and local air pollution levels, since more parcel deliveries mean a more congested and polluted London.

Edmund King of the AA told the Transport Committee: “One of the major problems in London is people having stuff delivered to their offices in London, which is very inefficient and causes immense congestion. I know some companies have actually banned it because it is causing congestion at their reception areas, let alone on the roads. That is something we have to look at.” (Transport Committee report, January 2017)

Efforts to reduce air pollution levels and traffic congestion are discussed within this extensive report, recommending amongst others to consolidate deliveries, consider banning personal parcel deliveries for staff and furthermore to reduce restrictions on night-time deliveries and introducing "click and collect" sites at tube and rail stations.

At Parcelly, we are very proud of our green credentials for which we have been recognized and awarded multiple times; most recently at the BITC Awards 2017!

Our carrier and retailer agnostic business model is designed with customer convenience at its heart, and resolves the last-mile delivery problem by offering convenient parcel collection points close to employee homes or transport hubs, depending on where they wish to collect their parcel deliveries. 

With over 1,200 locations across the UK, Parcelly provides a dense network of convenient click and collect locations particularly in central London, and thus plays a key role in reducing the volume of personal deliveries to offices and helps to ease congestion in highly populated commercial areas across the city (85% of our Parcelly locations are actually within a 10-minute walking distance to the nearest tube station in London's Zone1; and 53% of our locations within Zone2). 

Parcelly not only offers Corporate Deals to incentivise employees to redirect personal parcel deliveries, but also tackles the environmental impact of parcel deliveries in collaboration with Clean Air London and multiple Business Improvement Districts (BIDs).

Our open loop click&collect technology provides significant advantages not only for Online retailers and delivery companies by reducing the number of driver destinations as well as parcels that require multiple delivery attempts, but also for logistics companies along the entire supply chain by raising efficiency levels through optimised delivery routes, consolidated parcel deliveries, 'micro-warehousing' hub solutions and much more.

Congestion in London remains a huge problem which doesn’t seem to stop growing. Not only does it cause frustration for road users and reduce the functionality of the road network, but most importantly it highly contributes to London’s air pollution problem. The Transport Committee reports that the overall annual cost to the capital from traffic delays has actually risen by 30% in two years, amounting to £5.5bn overall.

With this in mind we all have to do our bit to make city living sustainable and protect the environment. Parcelly donates up to 5% of the price of each Parcelly Booking to our long-term partner Atmosfair, and we have already offset more than 35,000 kg of carbon emissions to date.


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