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 • 17 March 2023

We are thrilled to share with you an exciting event that Parcelly recently hosted for students from HEC business school, as part of their ‘HEC in the UK’ initiative. Our very own CEO & Founder, Sebastian Steinhauser, led a talk on his entrepreneurial founder journey, Parcelly’s mission and the value of great business leadership. The event was a major success with many great questions and insightful discussions that left everyone with much to consider on their own business journeys.  

The morning started with Sebastian sharing his entrepreneurial journey with Parcelly. From the idea stage while he was still working in investment banking to the business model Parcelly operates in now. The journey to Sebastian’s success was not easy, especially considering the pandemic and its effects on the business. Sebastian stressed that it was a major turning point for Parcelly - many things have changed and major shifts in business operations happened. As much as it was a very challenging time, it also happened to be a very successful time for Parcelly, as the need for our solution has increased exponentially.  

The story Sebastian shared was not only inspiring but also full of important business lessons and tips for all the aspiring entrepreneurs in the room with us. The event was attended by a diverse group of students from HEC Paris, who were all eager to learn from other Founders’ experiences. He got many questions on various topics, such as funding, team building, goal setting, relationships with investors and his general business outlook. The discussion was full of insights and interesting considerations. 

One of the key takeaways from the event was the importance of perseverance and dedication in the world of entrepreneurship. Sebastian shared his experience of facing many challenges along the way but emphasised that staying focused on his goals and never giving up was crucial to Parcelly’s success. 

Another important lesson that the students learned was the value of networking and building relationships. Sebastian stressed the importance of creating strong relationships with customers, partners, and investors, as these connections could lead to valuable opportunities and partnerships. 

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Sebastian Steinhauser, CEO & Founder of Parcelly:  

“The three things you want to focus on when building a successful business are the following: firstly, start with getting your killer team and do what it takes to keep them with you. Secondly, make them a part of the journey, get work done from day 1 and be at the forefront of your business, even if you might not know what the next step is, your team follows you and you need to lead by example. And thirdly, enjoy the ride and take time to celebrate your achievements.” 

Overall, the event was a great success, and the students left feeling motivated and inspired to pursue their own entrepreneurial endeavours. As a company, we are passionate about supporting young entrepreneurs and helping them achieve their goals, as well as enabling them to learn about fast-growing businesses first-hand. If you are interested in learning more about that and joining Parcelly on our journey, we encourage you to visit our careers page to check out the exciting opportunities we have available. 

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