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 • 16 March 2022

Since 2018, Parcelly has been partnered with Bryson, the UK's leading manufacturer, importer and distributor of safety, fixings and protection products.

The latest development in our partnership offers an industry first, enabling Government Approved Lateral Flow Tests to be stocked and available for 1 hour delivery in London Zones 1&2. The FlowFlex Rapid Lateral Flow Test Kits are available through Parcelly’s Hyper-local Warehousing solution, which allows any retailer to expand their distribution footprint, through Parcelly’s network of 2,500+ UK locations.

The Covid-19 pandemic has influenced so many aspects of daily life during the past two years, with Covid testing becoming a common practice in the home and the workplace. Whether we’re meeting family or catching up with friends, it’s the best way to help keep those around us safe. Despite restrictions being lifted in the UK, rates of transmission remain high and testing remains integral to managing the virus. 

Bryson has a strong history of setting the standard. BrysonNow was created as a response to a rising need for urgent supplies to be delivered to construction sites, enabling projects to remain on track. We caught up with the Bryson team to discuss this further and to see how Parcelly’s Hyper-local Warehousing solution helps fulfil this demand.

1) What does Bryson do and where did the vision behind Bryson stem from?

“Bryson is a leading manufacturer, importer and distributor of safety, fixings and protection products. Our vision is to be the sustainable supplier of choice for forward-thinking construction and fit-out contractors, with a mission to make their life easier with smarter, faster, greener solutions.

We’re focused on providing our customers with a high level of service, quality products and dedication to their needs, all to help construction and fit-out projects stay on track, keep within budget, comply with H&S guidelines and meet the increasing demands of sustainability.

Still a family-owned business, Bryson has grown steadily since its establishment in 1974. As a result of unprecedented service, quality products and absolute devotion to the customers' needs, the business has grown 10X in the last 10 years.”

2) Bryson has a focus on being innovative and unique. What are the main products Bryson offers in the construction industry that nobody else does? 

“Innovation is a driving force here at Bryson, and we are regularly looking for products that’ll make our customers' day a little bit easier. Our Bryson experience isn’t just about quality products delivered on time in full and error free, it’s about saving customers’ time and reducing the admin around placing orders for site.  

We have a fantastic industry leading e-Procurement Portal that allows customers to manage their orders, users and addresses, reduce their admin by accessing orders, invoices & PODs, and take back control of spend through approvals, budgeting and multiple site management.  Our e-Procurement Portal offers customers innovation that saves them time and money, and removes the faff out of everyday ordering.

Part of our ongoing innovation and response to a rising need for urgent supplies to be delivered to site so that fit-out projects could remain on track, BrysonNow was created in 2018 as an industry first in the world.  Our BrysonNow 1-hour delivery service meant customers could receive essentials like our pro series woodscrews, PPE and hygiene products where they wanted them and when they wanted them. Using leading last mile logistics partners, we are able to continue offering customers key products within 1 hour in London zones 1 & 2, with other major cities planned as the service expands.

Recently BrysonNow became the first 1-hour supplier of Covid-19 lateral flow tests for delivery in Zones 1 & 2.”

3) How does the BrysonNow process work? 

“BrysonNow is a last mile logistics solution. A customer can order from a range of products on our website, app or over the phone, and it will be delivered within an hour in London Zones 1 & 2.  The order tracking is very visible, being able to watch your BrysonNow delivery on your phone as it moves along the map.

This fast, effective service lets site managers order those last-minute items knowing they will arrive on site just in time for the next step of the project.”

4) BrysonNow offers unmatched speed and convenience to construction clients. What other benefits does BrysonNow bring to your customers, in collaboration with Parcelly’s Hyper-local Warehousing solution?

“Not only is the experience fast and convenient, it means that construction & fit-out clients don’t need to hold supplies. This frees up storage space and prevents wastage due to over-ordering.

At Bryson we’re equally passionate about sustainability and protecting the environment.  We have elevated the topic of sustainability within the organisation and identified it’s not just about carbon footprint and net zero emissions, but rather a wider collaborative environmental, social and economic strategy between our customers, ourselves and our supply chain to build a better future.  Our BrysonNow service makes products available within central London, meaning delivery distance is reduced therefore less carbon footprint - a greener, more environmentally friendly alternative delivery method.”

5) Bryson’s innovation never stops. What motivated you to include Covid-19 tests at Parcelly’s location and how do you see customers utilising it?

“When government supply of Covid-19 lateral flow tests became a challenge, we had plenty of stock in our central distribution centre and saw a national need for rapid testing.  It made sense to deliver these as rapidly as possible to areas where Covid transmission would be high and where construction projects are concentrated.

Delivering in London Zones 1 & 2, where construction sites and businesses were calling out for Lateral flow tests to help protect their employees, made complete sense and helped protect our customers.”

We are proud to be involved in the distribution of such an important product to help protect those around us. This latest development in our partnership helps keep projects on track and protects workforces from the spread of Covid-19. Learn more about Bryson here.

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