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 • 13 September 2018

For the most part, Parcelly is associated with brilliant customer convenience, first- and last-mile disruption, superior app technology and an all-around sustainable business model. This week, we stretched ourselves (admittedly with help...) to fantastic storytelling, cinematic brilliance, 'Oscar-worthy' performances and explosive directing even Tarantino would be proud of! 

Our team had the pleasure of working alongside Perspective Pictures (PP) to produce our latest company video, which will be showcasing some of our first-and last mile fulfilment solutions (i.e. click&collect, hyper-local warehousing, parcel returns and consolidation) and the benefits of using Parcelly compared to existing, traditional delivery models. 

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Perspective Pictures team photo, shot by Linda Blacker


We first met PP at our old St Mark Studio's office in Islington and bonded over a mutual passion for tech, cool products and breaking down barriers

What started out as a 2-man team, operating out of a garden shed with only £50 to their name, has now transformed into an internationally recognised company with 10+ employees, all in the space of 6 months. Check out their Instagram account (@pp_films) to see previous projects and stay up to date on their future adventures!

We definitely felt in safe hands... However, 'Acting is happy agony.' as Jean-Paul Sartre said, and just minutes into the day, one of our 'star' actors - the man with a van - cancelled on us, sending the entire office into a frenzy right before the shoot was scheduled to start. But luckily we managed to locate a 'stand-in', who even had previous experience from a Deliveroo commercial (seriously, what's the odds of that???). 

Image from iOS 12

BTS of the shoot, more images can be found on our Instagram


With the shoot now finally underway, it was quite the experience watching our creative brief coming to life scene by scene... We knew it was going to be tough to create a video in such a short turnaround time, showcasing all of Parcelly's services, benefits and tech in not much more than a minute's clip. But Perspective Pictures turned our ideas into reality and we were even able to finish on time and grab a beer before 5pm! 

One definite highlight of our video is the fact that we were able to involve two of our brilliant Business Partner Locations, Radhi News on Cleveland Street and Root on Edgware Road, who were more than happy to get involved and proudly showcase their Parcelly parcel and warehousing operations.

We want to express a massive THANK YOU again for allowing us to film in your stores and helping out as much as you did...


Radhi News on Cleveland Street and Root on Edgware Road (our 2017 November Location of the Month)


Thanks again to the guys and girls over at Perspective Pictures for such a fun day and we can't recommend them enough for their professionalism, creativity and 'let's get things done' approach along the entire process. Very excited to see our finished product, so stay tuned and watch out for an announcement on Social Media... #parcellove #aaaandcut


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