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 • 20 August 2020

Parcelly was founded in 2014 with a vision of giving all consumers full control over their parcel delivery, thereby resolving the issue of failed deliveries and reducing the environmental impact of these failed deliveries. 

The growth of E-commerce technology has integrated online shopping into the majority of households around the world. The ease of online shopping for non-disabled consumers can be taken for granted due to the rapid nature of its assimilation into our daily routines. The disabled community, however, is a key stakeholder within this market and relies on e-commerce providers offering ease of access to their parcels catering to individual needs.

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of accessible delivery options for the disabled community. Citizens Advice has warned that ‘ensuring that everyone has equal access to delivery services has become more important than ever’.

However, Citizens Advice surveys have found that two in five (7.1 million) disabled people in the UK have had a problem with parcel delivery in any given week. This compares to just 27% of people who don’t identify as disabled.  

Despite this increasing reliance on e-commerce, Citizens Advice has seen a “119% increase in people seeking help on parcel issues on its website since lockdown began in March”.

Parcelly offers innovative Pickup and Drop off (PUDO) technology that enables all consumers to access its network of over 2500 Parcelly location partners all across the country, and provides users with constantly updated information e.g. opening times and disabled-friendly access. 

As highlighted recently in articles by leading logistics publications such as Post and Parcel, Tamebay and Parcel and Postal technology international, Parcelly is committed to “publishing detailed accessibility information online so disabled people can choose where they can pick up and drop off parcels”.

David Gillian Guy, CEO of Citizens Advice, had this to add about the impact of accessible parcel delivery during the lockdown:

“They’ve allowed us to send and receive gifts from families or friends to retain a sense of normality, and even helped businesses to stay afloat. But for many disabled consumers or for those previously shielding, parcel delivery has become a lifeline for accessing essential items”.

 Sebastian Steinhauser, CEO & founder of Parcelly adds:

"Parcelly always had consumer experience and convenience at its heart. With the growth in E-commerce, which has further accelerated since March this year, an ever-growing public demands a range of convenient delivery options, adapted to their personal requirements or circumstances. No one should be disadvantaged from the benefits of buying goods online and we believe that Parcelly can play a key role in enabling everyone to choose a delivery option that fits their personal needs at any point in time. Our technology platform is continuously innovating and providing specifics about our location partners, such as disability-friendly access is just one of many examples of how we can drive delivery experience customisation through relevant data with a truly relevant social impact." 

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