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 • 27 July 2022


Here at Parcelly, teamwork makes the dream work. Our valued members of the team are the pillars of the company, and their hard work deserves recognition! To discuss their past experiences, company highlights and future goals, we have interviewed some of Parcelly’s great people 

The seventh feature of this series is on Hannah, one of our Marketing Associates, as she reflects on her year-long placement in our London office. Hannah will be going on to complete her Sociology degree at the University of Surrey. 

Tell me about yourself and why you decided to join Parcelly’s Marketing Department?  

“I am a Sociology undergraduate student at the University of Surrey. I have always been interested in the marketing world but knew I needed to gain experience in the field. My university course enabled me to take a placement year, and when I saw the Marketing and Social Media internship at Parcelly, I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of.  

Once learning more about Parcelly throughout the interview process, I realised as a scale-up company it would be a great opportunity to gain experience and handle a wide range of different responsibilities. From social media to press releases to event management, this internship has given me an all-around view of marketing. Gaining experience in such a range of topics has been invaluable.” 

What skills do you feel are needed to be a successful Marketing Associate at Parcelly? 

“I would say time management, creativity and attention to detail as the top 3 skills for this role. In this role you will often find yourself working on a few projects at once, with different levels of importance and deadlines. Being able to prioritise your time and work in the most effective way across tasks will really help you succeed in this position. Having a creative mind is also key. This will really help with the social media side of the role with content creation for our social channels. For example, being able to extract information from industry reports and creatively deciding the best way to present that information to engage your audience.  

Finally, not so much a skill, but it is important to have a passion for the product. It makes everything easier! For example, the Parcelly solution is so relevant in today’s post-pandemic world where consumer expectations are higher than ever before. Being a Sociology student, I have always been interested in how people consume and consumption patterns. Having the opportunity to market the Parcelly services, particularly the Hyper-local Warehousing solution, to a growing international audience has been very rewarding.” 

What has been a highlight for you?  

“A highlight from this year was attending the DELIVER conference in Amsterdam back in June. This was an incredible experience to meet, connect and exhibit alongside so many industry leaders within delivery and E-commerce. Conferences are such an exciting part of this marketing role. I was able to see the event through from start to finish, from taking the first introductory call to physically exhibiting alongside the team at the event. It was definitely a highlight for me to see the work all come together.” 

THANK YOU Hannah for being such a great colleague and contributing towards Parcelly’s vision and growth! 

If you fancy a new challenge and are interested in joining us, why don’t you check out our vacancies? 

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