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 • 25 August 2022


Here at Parcelly, teamwork makes the dreamwork. Our valued members of the team are the pillars of the company, and their hard work deserves recognition! To discuss theirpastexperiences,companyhighlightsandfuturegoals, we have interviewed some ofParcelly’s greatpeople.  

The eighth feature of this series is onOmar, one of ourBusiness DevelopmentAssociates, as he reflects on his year-long placement in ourLondonoffice. Omar will be going on to complete his degree at theUniversity of Surrey.

Tell me about yourself and why you decided to undertake an Internship in Business Development at Parcelly? 

I am an undergraduate at the University of Surrey and I currently study International Events Management. I would like to say I am a fun, bubbly, smiley and hard-working person. When searching for an internship, I wanted to find a company that embodied this, and that is what I got with Parcelly. After researching who Parcelly are and what they do I was really grabbed by their drive to provide B2B and consumer solutions via cross docking as well as utilising hyperlocal warehouses connected to the Parcelly Network. I decided to undertake a placement as I was really interested in gaining the invaluable experience necessary to grow as a person in terms of skills, work ethic and knowledge. The fact that Parcelly was a scale-up company was a huge factor as I was excited that I had found the perfect environment to develop.”

"I initially applied for the social media and marketing role as it was more closely linked to my degree. However, after my final interview with Sebastian I was recalled and asked if I would like to apply for the Business Development Associate role which I was incredible excited for as it was the role I was initially considering. Luckily after a successful application I knew on my first day that this was the role that I was destined for.” 

What would you say has been your biggest learning experience while working at Parcelly?

While Working at parcelly I have had many learning experiences for example, I have done in-person pitching, pitched over the phone in the UK and US, cold calling, managed client accounts, device setups, device reviews, signed deals and a plethora of other tasks that I was given responsibility to complete and manage. In general, the opportunity to learn at parcelly is endless, and this is reflected in my development as a person from the start of my work at Parcelly until now.” 

What have you achieved in the time with us that you are particularly proud of? 

“I would like to think that I have achieved countless things at Parcelly however I would have to say that I was particularly proud of my resilience and determination to keep going no matter what. For someone who has never pitched, cold called, or sold a deal before it was a huge challenge. Taking that challenge head on and ensuring my personal targets were hit regardless of the circumstances was something I am proud of. In sales self-belief and determination are pivotal to getting deals over the line and I would like to hope that I have showed that this year by ensuring that I hit my weekly targets week in and week out not just for the benefit of myself but for the team." 

"Parcelly has enabled me to achieve so many things and has allowed me to feel confident in my ability to perform and succeed. I am extremely proud to have been a key member of the Parcelly team and to have experienced this amazing journey with them!” 

Thank you Omar for being such a great colleague and contributing towards Parcelly’s vision and growth! 

If you fancy a new challenge and are interested in joining us, why don’t you check out our vacancies? 

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