The Parcelly Partnership Perks. Join us on our E-commerce adventure!

Published by Hannah Thomson
 • 18 August 2021

Parcel shop is so 2020. A Parcelly location partnership is much more than that. Today Parcelly powers some of the most innovative businesses across the convenience, hospitality and retail sectors with our all-ecommerce aggregating tech solution. Do you know a warehousing platform that activates commercial real estate for a range of E-commerce related services? You do now. It starts with P and ends in Y. 

Parcelly is on a mission to simplify parcel collections, by allowing your customers to pick up their online purchases how, when and where is most convenient for them. Because of this, we are on the look-out for partner locations to be set up as Hyper-local Warehouses. The opportunity is out there waiting for you ... With no costs involved, becoming a Parcelly location provides your store with extra revenue, direct access to new customers and cross-selling opportunities, keeping your business at the forefront of the ever-growing world of E-commerce. Perks that benefit not only you and your business but also your customers! An all-round win (we like to think anyway!)

Online shopping continues to grow year on year. British consumers spent a total of £ 113 billion online throughout 2020, a rise of 48% on the year before. The Covid-19 pandemic caused online shopping to boom and brick-and-mortar retail to struggle. While E-commerce saw a rise of 18%, brick-and-mortar retail saw a decline of 14%. Why not make your brick-and-mortar store a part of this online revolution? Online orders currently account for 1 in 20 convenience store transactions. Shopping habits are changing. Start infusing your business! 

Our Parcelly network is growing. We currently operate 2500+ PUDO ('Pick-up and Drop-off' that is) locations for collections and returns, having location partnerships with many reputable businesses including Costcutter, OneStop, Booker , Kwiksave, ACS and Barnardos . While driving ever-growing parcel volumes through our partner network, we collaborate with a broad range of international retail and logistics brands, such as DHL, Stuart, Deliveroo, Just Eat, Uber Eats, AesopKrispy Kreme, Community Fiber and many, many more. E-commerce is the future and your business can be a part of that.

For more information on how your store can benefit from E-commerce, keep on reading for the 8 Parcelly Partnership Perks you can receive by joining us in a location partnership. Trust me ... you won't want to miss them!


# 1- Generate extra revenue

Your underutilised space can generate additional monthly revenue. Welcome to Parcelly. Becoming a Parcelly location gives you the opportunity to generate extra revenue from your excess space, whilst being in control over how much you wish to allocate to Parcelly. For every shipment you store and parcel you process, you will receive an attractive commission rate from us. 

# 2- Carrier and retailer agnostic

Online shopping today is huge. As are the number of parcel shop networks that keep expanding in the UK. We think differently about operational and environmental efficiency. Why operate different store networks exclusive to one or two couriers only, when one brand can consolidate all parcel shipments in a single app on a single mobile device? This is Parcelly. A location partnership gives your brick-and-mortar store the opportunity to be a part of the online shopping revolution, whilst receiving and processing any shipments from carriers worldwide through a single terminal.

# 3- No set-up costs

No set-up cost or monthly fee. We value our business partners and therefore do not believe you need to be charged to offer a revenue-generating service. From equipment to free advertising through our app and social media channels, there is no cost involved to join our network, and where additional setup is required, Parcelly always covers this. Start leveraging this E-commerce opportunity today!

# 4- Be in full control

Control is a beautiful thing. Every square foot in your store is prime space and we are aware of that. Maximizing revenue while supporting your business operation is embedded into our platform DNA. When you become a location partner, you keep control of the number, size and frequency of parcels delivered to your store from the palm of your hand. Our software is accessible by mobile phone, making partnership with us as straightforward and comfortable as possible. Use that free space and become a Parcelly location. 

# 5- Increased footfall

Customers are vital. They keep your business profitable. Therefore increasing the number into your store can only be advantageous. A partnership with us can boost your sales and business opportunities, driving people of all demographics into your store. This process can bring in additional customers and more frequent visitors to your store, all you have to do is utilise your empty storage space.

# 6- Diversify your services

We believe we can become a part of your success and assist you in diversifying your services in today's competitive market. Our tech can either be your first foray into parcel services or a complement to other parcel services you may run. We're not just limited to parcel pick-up and drop-off, but also hyper-local warehousing, cross-docking and many other services. Parcelly is a platform that continuously develops new services that power some of the world's largest retail and logistics brands. Services that are then available through your business to your local community. This diversification meets consumer demand and will in turn support your company's success!

# 7- Minimal hardware

Parcelly strives for convenience. When using our tech, you can operate our service from the palm of your hand. Our hardware is minimal, creating more space in your store for parcels! You'll have no printers or bulky equipment, making it a convenient and stress-free setup.

# 8- Our environmental benefits

We must keep our planet healthy. Sustainability has always been a mission here at Parcelly. Our service reduces both congestion and pollution, causing cities to be nicer, safer and healthier places for us all! We are also partnered with Atmosfair, and contribute to their carbon emissions offsetting efforts by donating up to 5% of the price of each Parcelly booking. Signing up to become a Parcelly location partner means signing up to more environmentally friendly logistics. 


As you can see, a Parcelly location partnership can be so beneficial on a variety of different levels. Take advantage of this e-commerce opportunity and join us now.  We look forward to hearing from you soon! 

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