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 • 01 February 2017

We are back in the office and still buzzing from The Delivery Conference yesterday. Powered by MetaPack, the extremely successful event, attracted a pool of industry leaders who shared thought-provoking insights.

Being exposed to a very diverse range of attendees; from couriers, logistics experts to retailers, we took this excellent opportunity to network, form new relationships, and strengthen existing ones.

This is one of the reasons why conferences are such an extremely powerful tool for us; where we can meet industry experts and have one-on-one time to ask crucial questions – something that is not as simple to do ‘online’.

While ‘convenience’ had been the major topic of last year’s MetaPack conference, this year’s focus was ‘control’. The connected and ever more mobile online shopper expects the four C’s: control, convenience, certainty and communication. Practically spelling our name. Parcelly is perfectly positioned, providing a mobile based and carrier/retailer agnostic, first and last-mile solution with customer convenience and control at its heart.

One thing that really grabbed our attention was the emphasis on improving returns. We certainly weren’t alone in thinking it was quite ironic to hear; improved returns could drive sales. Parcelly can provide a convenient micro-consolidation solution for retailers/carriers seeking improved returns efficiency.

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It was also very interesting to hear several speaker’s emphasizing on the opportunities being brought to delivery logistics by start-ups and open networks; enforcing open cooperation between companies. Insert Parcelly, being all about open loop solutions along the supply chain.
Our network of over 900 locations in 50 cities boasts control and convenience for not only consumers, but retailers, carriers and corporations alike.

Something that did not take us by much surprise was that traditional delivery models are being dramatically changed by asset-light start-ups who reduce first and last mile logistics costs. More than ever, retailers are turning to click&collect as a solution for their logistical limitations. Parcelly’s lean, easy to integrate mobile app technology is (of course) the first name that pops to mind. Our smart click&collect API solution can easily be integrated at retailers’ existing check out systems or used as a mobile add-on solution during parcel peak seasons.

There’s nothing like being in a room of like-minded people, listening to industry experts from across the supply chain. We firmly believe that ensuring our presence at events such as these is essential to stay ahead of the game.

As quoted by Helmut Schmidt, “The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement” and we are excited to further develop and diversify our product in 2017 and continue providing consumers with a seamless service.

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