Published by Sophia Mohammed
 • 04 April 2023

IntraLogistex is the largest intralogistics exhibition in the UK, with plenty of discussions around improving efficiency, reducing costs and exceeding targets. This conference was full of logistics professionals who were looking for solutions to their current and future challenges, from full-scale warehouse automation options to the latest materials handling technologies. This year's event was held at NEC Birmingham and attendees had the chance to listen to over 40 conference sessions, which offered insight into technological innovations, as well as watch live demonstrations of a variety of solutions. With over 250 exhibitors, attendees also had a fantastic opportunity to talk one-to-one on the exhibition floor & share their secrets to success! 

The Parcelly team were delighted to attend this event alongside some of our peers & partners: DPD Group, Bryson and others. We were excited to open the second day of this year's conference with a presentation led by our CEO Sebastian Steinhauser, who discussed “Hyper-Local As The Ultimate Solution For Urban Logistics”  

The main goal of the IntraLogistex Conference was to discover how the latest technologies can be applied to operations to provide massive improvements in productivity and accuracy. This event also enabled individuals to hear directly from the minds behind the latest technologies & list to industry leaders as they share their insights, as well as watch live demonstrations of the latest solutions taking place throughout the exhibition!  



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The day kicked off with a talk from our CEO Sebastian Steinhauser discussing “Hyper-Local As The Ultimate Solution For Urban Logistics”. Sebastian discussed market development and the status quo of consumer expectations, highlighting that “60% of people will be living in cities by 2030”. He also highlighted a fundamental conclusion “moving stock closer to consumers allows to optimise delivery, making hyperlocal warehousing the ultimate solution for urban logistics”. Sebastian emphasized how important it was to overcome the challenges of urban logistics as “70% of UK customers are more likely to spend again with a retailer if they've had a good last mile experience with them before”.Throughout this presentation, he discussed how to improve the economics of e-commerce supply chains through strategic fulfilment networks. A Q&A followed, which included questions from an inquisitive audience surrounding the Parcelly solution.   

This was followed by a highly insightful discussion by Duncan Baldock, Head of Procurement at Marks and Spencer's. This presentation was on “Getting The Best Out Of Strategic Relationships From A Customer Perspective”. He touched on different sales methods and the upsides and downsides of using them. Whilst also giving alternatives to these traditional sales techniques, he focused on what he thought was truly important during a sales process. One of the key points Duncan highlighted was that “sharing risk and reward is one of the key things for effective strategic partnerships”. A key takeaway from Duncan's presentation was that “it is just as important to be a farmer as well as a hunter in sales; get the solution right, add value and then focus on the next thing”. 


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The day continued with presentations surrounding the NHS and using different technologies within them to help improve patient safety and reach the NHS sustainability goals. This showcased a different point of view on logistics. The first session was delivered by Simon Bennett, who is the Business Improvement Engineer at NHS Lancashire Procurement Cluster. He discussed “Using Inventory Management Systems In The NHS To Drive Inventory And Improved Patient Safety, Whilst Releasing Clinical Time Back To Care”. Simon shared that the “expected overall benefits of implementing an inventory management system, with advanced materials managed are vast, including releasing back 168 hours of patient care time”. 

A thought-provoking presentation was delivered by Chris Holmes, who is the Supply Chain Executive Director for the NHS Supply Chain, on “Supporting The NHS To Deliver Its Sustainability Goals”. This included an in-depth discussion around a project they had undertaken in implementing electric vehicles into NHS delivery routes as opposed to diesel lorries. They reported this to be highly successful in reducing carbon emissions but also, despite rising electricity costs, there was a significant difference in the costs of running them. He discussed that as much as the NHS would like to implement EVs throughout their whole fleet, it was not something that was supported at the moment in terms of charging stations on the routes, Chris highlighted that “infrastructure will have to improve in order for large organizations such as the NHS to make significant changes towards more sustainable solutions like electric vehicles”. 


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The day was concluded with a presentation by Ram Ramanathan, who is a professor at the University of Essex Business School, and he discussed “How New Innovation Can Help Reduce Waste In Food Logistics & Supply Chains”. He brought a different perspective to the series of presentations and allowed us to view how innovative technologies could help in reducing food waste and what the environmental impact of food waste really was.  

This string of speakers offered a range of viewpoints into various sectors and how different technologies can help them achieve their goals successfully. There was more crossover than expected across the speakers from different industries - we all had similar goals - to overcome our logistics challenges and become more sustainable in our processes.  


Top quotes from the day 

"Generate ideas and continuous improvement within a contract- in order to generate a strong customer relationship" - Duncan Baldock, Head of Procurement at Marks & Spencers 

“Our strategy is- buy smart, supply right and partner expertly” - Chris Holmes, Supply Chain Executive Director at NHS Supply Chain  

"Whilst digital product demand continues to grow, delivery distances need to be optimized to reduce the costs associated with the last mile" - Sebastian Steinhauser, CEO at Parcelly 

Source: Parcelly Limited 

Michal Pasternak, Senior Sales Executive at Parcelly :  

"We thoroughly enjoyed attending this year's IntraLogisteX conference. It was great to be involved in many thought-provoking discussions surrounding innovative solutions such as ChatGPT and also discuss sustainability and how it comes into our solution at Parcelly. There is no doubt that AI,  automation and robotics are crucial to the future of our industry, assisting in overcoming the challenges we face every day. Understanding data and information, maximizing warehouse efficiency and effective space utilization, fluidity at cross-over points and being sensitive to trends were my key takeaways from the IntraLogisteX this year.” 

We would like to thank IntraLogistex for the fantastic event that they organized & for inviting us to share our insight with various industry leaders! We had an amazing time discussing all things Parcelly from Hyper-Local Warehousing to PUDO solutions & their benefits with our peers. Not only was it incredible to educate others on what our solutions do, but it was a great opportunity to learn about other technological developments and their functions within a variety of sectors. 

If you missed us there and would like to arrange a meeting, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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