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Our Parcelly service is provided in 4 easy steps:

a) Register and create a Parcelly account.

Simply tap on the ‘Profile’ icon on the Menu bar OR follow the booking instructions of your Parcelly App.

b) Choose a Parcelly Location and make a Booking.

Select a Parcelly Location convenient for you and follow our Booking process to obtain a unique Parcelly ID and remote address for your next delivery.

c) Send your delivery to the chosen Parcelly Location nearby.

Use your unique Parcelly ID and the remote address of your Parcelly location when completing an online shopping form. You can also share the Booking details and the remote address with friends and family to enable them to send you a parcel to your selected Parcelly Location.

d) Pick up your parcel at a time that is convenient for you.

We will notify you via email and push notification once your delivery has arrived. Simply visit your selected Parcelly Location within the timeframe of your collection type and pick up your parcel.

Yes you can. Your selected Parcelly Location will accept deliveries of any parcel delivery service (e.g. Royal Mail, DHL, DPD, Hermes, UPS, etc.)

The respective opening hours can either be found in your Booking confirmation or by checking the respective Parcelly Location details in your Parcelly App.



The delivery address for your specific Booking can be accessed in 2 different ways:

a) Directly after you have completed your Booking, your Parcelly app will open a ‘How does it work’ screen, which will show the exact format of your remote delivery address.

b) You can return to the ‘How does it work’ screen at any time by opening the respective Booking in the ‘Track’ section on the Menu bar. Please simply tap on the individual Booking and the ‘How does it work’ link at the bottom of your Booking overview.

Upon receipt of the email and push notification that your parcel has been delivered to your selected Parcelly Location, you can collect your delivery by following 3 easy steps:

a) Visit your selected Parcelly Location and bring a valid proof of your ID.
b) Show your unique Parcelly ID for this delivery.
c) Input your 4 digit PIN in the terminal at the Parcelly Location.
d) Confirm your collection in the ‘Track’ section of your Parcelly App.

Once your parcel has been delivered to your chosen Parcelly Location, you will be notified by Push and Email notification (please check your Spam filter for any messages from us) and be given a 4 digit PIN.

Upon this notification, you will have a number of days to collect your parcel depending on the Collection type you have chosen for this delivery:

a) Collection type “Saver”: Upon notification that your delivery is ready for collection, you have 7 calendar days to collect your delivery at your selected Parcelly Location.

b) Collection type “Ease of mind”: Upon notification that your delivery is ready for collection, you have 14 calendar days to collect your delivery at your selected Parcelly Location.

Please remember that once the collection period for your delivery has expired, we reserve the right to arrange for the parcel to be returned to either the Seller or Distributor at your expense or to charge an additional fee for overdue collection. In any event, we reserve the right to dispose of parcels which remain uncollected after 2 months from the date of delivery.

Sure, you can choose a different Parcelly Location each time you make a booking with us if this is most convenient for you. We frequently add new Parcelly Locations to our network to make your delivery as simple as possible. Please check your Parcelly app for our latest news.

Yes of course, if they have your Parcelly ID and a valid proof of your ID/ 4 digit PIN.

You don’t just have to use Parcelly for your online shopping orders.

If a friend or family member would like to send you a parcel, using a Parcelly Location as point of delivery, you can simply follow the normal Booking process:

a) Choose a Parcelly Location convenient for you.
b) Create a Booking in the usual way, specifying the name of the Sender.
c) Give the Parcelly location delivery address and unique Parcelly ID to the third party.

The Sender can then address their parcel to you at the Parcelly Location with the Parcelly ID.
By you making the booking and giving the Sender the booking details, you will be notified directly via usual email and Push notification when the delivery has arrived.

Yes, you can return parcels with most of our Online Retail partners. Unfortunately we do not yet offer this service for any Online Retailer worldwide. (Coming soon)

Your Parcelly Location will accept a driving licence, passport/ID, Debit or Credit card, Bank statement or Utility bill. You will also receive a 4 digit PIN by Push Notification, text message and email (in accordance with your preferences) for you to input in the terminal at the Parcelly Location.

You can send all kinds of items with our service (as long as they meet our maximum value, dimension and weight criteria) including:
Books, CDs, DVDs
• Clothes and fashion accessories
• Small electrical equipment
• Freeview boxes and internet routers
• Games consoles
• Laptops/Computer Monitors
• Non-prescription/Herbal medicines
• Mobile phones and accessories
• Projectors
• Toys
• Television Screens
• Whey protein powder/other dry supplements
• Sports equipment and accessories
• Gardening equipment
• Outdoor/Leisure equipment
• Soft furnishings, curtains and bedding
• Luggage and bags
• Hand and power tools

Certain other items may also be delivered to Parcelly Locations but may require our written agreement in advance and be sent at your own risk, such as for:
Glass items (Including lamps/mirrors)
• Musical Instruments
• Original Photos/ Videos
• Precious metals/stones (Gold, Silver, Diamonds)
• Ceramic/Marble/China/Stone/Amber/Fossils/Porcelain/Pottery (composites or items containing these materials)
• Perishables (Inc. Flowers, Plants (inc. derivatives), Fruit, Temperature controlled foodstuffs (chilled, wet, frozen, liquid))
• Items that exceed the maximum value, dimensions and weight restrictions: Please remember that Parcelly Locations cannot receive any item that is valued at more than £200, outside of our maximum dimensions of 60x60x60cm or that weighs above 25kg.

Please check our terms and conditions or contact us if you are unsure whether your item will require agreement in advance.

Some items cannot be received by our Parcelly Locations and it is your responsibility to check whether the item you wish to send is prohibited or restricted. Please refer to our terms and conditions or the overview below or contact us for further information.

a) Items that are not permitted due to health and safety, and/or legal reasons include the following:
Aerosol cans/Sprays
• Animals or creatures of any kind/Animal Fur/ Animal Remains/ Ivory
• Any of the following; Gases/Pyrotechnics/Arms,
• Ammunition/Flammables/Corrosives/ Toxics/ Noxious, Hazardous, Radioactive or • Oxidizing materials:
• Biological Samples
• Currency of any kind (Inc. money, stamps, event tickets, lottery tickets, payment cards, securities, bullion, coins)
• Drugs and Medicines (Inc. prescription, medical/dental records, recreational)
• Dry ice/Frozen water
• Environmental waste/ Medical waste
• Infectious substances
• Liquids (Inc. Alcohol, Paint, Oils, Gels, Lubricants, Fuels)
• Pornographic materials/Obscene or unlawful publications
• Weapons (Inc. replicas)

For a full list of prohibited items please refer to our terms and conditions.

Our aim is to simplify your delivery. If you cannot find a Parcelly location near to where it is convenient for you, please let us know and/or recommend our service to the place of your choice. We will grow our network in your area as soon as we can and/or contact your suggested delivery point.

It depends. As you know, Parcelly has been designed to simplify your delivery. Therefore it is absolutely up to you for what kind of delivery you wish to use our Parcelly locations for, as long as the delivery has a valid Parcelly ID and complies with our delivery type, value, weight and size limitations.

Please refer to Parcelly's Terms and conditions for more details.

Every Parcelly ID is unique and only valid for one single parcel unless you have a subscription in which case your Parcelly ID applies to all parcels permitted under that subscription.
If your online order is to be delivered in several separate parcels, you will have to complete the equivalent number of Bookings via your Parcelly app.

Remember to specify all respective Parcelly ID’s in the address field of your online shopping form one after the other (as in our booking example below).

Booking example:
a) Open your Parcelly app and make 3 Bookings, specifying each parcel separately (generating Parcelly ID 1, Parcelly ID 2 and Parcelly ID 3).
b) Go back to your Online shopping page and complete your check out by using the following format when providing the delivery address details:

Your First and Last name
Name of selected Parcelly Location
Parcelly ID 1, Parcelly ID 2, Parcelly ID 3
123 Parcelly Location street
Location city, postcode

By following the above Booking process you will be notified for each parcel separately as soon as they arrive at your selected Parcelly Location.

As you know, every Parcelly ID is unique and only valid for one single parcel, unless you have a subscription.
If your online order is to be delivered in several separate deliveries, you will have to complete the equivalent number of Bookings via your Parcelly app.
If your selected Parcelly location receives 2 parcels with the same Parcelly ID, we reserve the right to either arrange for one parcel to be returned to the Seller or Distributor at your expense, or request that you generate an additional Booking of the same collection type for the second parcel before handing it out.

To avoid this problem, please refer to how to book a combined online order that will arrive in separate deliveries (see question 11).

If you cannot access your account for any reason and you need to reset your password, simply open your App and click “Forgot your password” by tapping the ‘Profile’ icon on the Menu bar and “Login”. If you have any other issues with your account pleaseThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will try and resolve them for you.

Deliveries to Parcelly Locations are stored in pre-approved, secure storage areas at the Parcelly Location itself.

In the event that your parcel is lost, stolen or damaged by the Parcelly Location, we may be able to compensate you to the value of your article and a maximum value of £50.

If you have chosen to pay for additional compensation cover, you may qualify for compensation to the value of your article and a maximum value of £200.

Claims must be made within 28 days of your delivery date and include any photographs or packaging as evidence of the damage.

Please refer to Parcelly's Terms and conditions for more details.

We care about climate change and donate 5% of each of your Bookings to Atmosfair. Atmosfair’s carbon offset projects reduce CO2 emissions and support sustainable development by transferring technology to reduce the carbon footprint and combatting climate change to help reduce the actual source of CO2.

Parcelly will send you an email and/or Push notification for every status change of your Booking. If you think you have not received a notification which you expected, please make sure to check:

a) The notification settings for your Parcelly app on your smartphone (Settings > Notifications > Parcelly > Allow notifications).

b) The Spam filter of your email inbox.

c) Should you still have problems please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

When you make your booking you are asked if you mind us contacting you with our Newsletter and marketing material. If you change your mind and want to unsubscribe from such communications, please simply deactivate the ‘Receive latest news’ feature which you will find in the ‘More’ section on the Menu bar.

Bookings will never be deleted from your Parcelly account. If you haven’t collected your delivery yet, you should find the Booking and Parcelly ID on your smartphone by tapping the ‘Track’ icon on the menu bar, followed by ‘Current Bookings’. Else, you will find it in ‘Past Bookings

Please remember, Parcelly is only providing you with a remote address to simplify your delivery. Parcelly is not involved in the actual distribution or carriage of your parcel. Hence please refer to the Sender of the parcel or check the parcel tracking facilities of the Distributor (if applicable).

Each Parcelly ID expires after a single use. Any mail that does not include a valid Parcelly ID for that delivery will be returned to the sender.

No worries, you do not have been charged. Your first month of subscription is entirely for free, however, our payment provider has pre-authorised your card for authentication purposes. Pre-authorisation allows us to confirm that your card is valid and hasn’t been lost or stolen. This can appear as a temporary reduction in your balance, but it is not an actual charge and will be released within 24 hours.

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