For couriers and shippers

Get access to a nationwide carrier-agnostic PUDO network

For retailers

Control, choice, certainty and convenience


  • Last-mile efficiency, scaling your first-mile and instant fulfilment, all in one platform

    • Our PUDO technology is the ONLY platform you will need to ensure your first-and last-mile infrastructure is capable of meeting the growing demands of the 21st-century consumer.
    • Ensuring online retailers and logistics partners of any size have access to technology that provides you and your customers with a broad range of highly customisable and tailored services.
  • Carrier & retailer agnostic

    • Powering the new reality of E-commerce logistics - our capabilities extend far beyond parcel collection and return. Parcelly converts excess space in local businesses and private homes into carrier- and retailer-agnostic storage capacity.
  • Rapidly scale first-mile and instant fulfilment

    • Our PUDO technology platform ensures a frictionless process for rapidly scaling first-mile delivery & instant fulfilment, both branded or white labelled.
  • Strategically located warehousing all around the UK

    • Our Hyperlocal warehousing solution empowers business patterns by providing them with warehousing space in strategic locations, facilitating the storage of selected SKU’s, promotional or fast-moving retail items in central city locations.
  • A growing network of over 2500 PUDO locations

    • Targeted location partners in both urban centres & rural communities provide our partners with a growing network of PUDO locations that can cater to a plethora of tailored services
  • Eliminating the costly issue of failed deliveries

    • Our PUDO platform enables consumers to have full control over their online orders, resolve the issue of failed deliveries and reduce the environmental impact associated with failed delivery attempts and congestion.

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