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 • 19 April 2024

Last week, the Parcelly team attended the NRFN London Trade Show at the City Pavilion in Romford. It was a great opportunity to present our Parcelly solution to 150 retailers and exhibit alongside 50 other suppliers.

The evening event began at 6pm, when the Parcelly Network Team began showcasing our parcel collection and return services. Parcelly converts excess space in local businesses into on-demand storage capacity through one powerful technology platform, a highly relevant solution for retailers looking to generate extra revenue, footfall and advertise their business, all whilst providing a service to their community.

Retailers showed a lot of interest in our solution, particularly when we demoed the Parcelly tech, showing the process of parcel check-in and out to retailers to highlight the ease and efficiency of the process. Later in the evening, some suppliers had the opportunity to speak. Our Head of Network Umair Vayani addressed the crowd to further explain our PUDO (Pick-Up and Drop Off) services and what makes Parcelly different. Parcelly operates an iPhone-based app, giving merchants full capacity control and ongoing customer service support when required. The fact that Parcelly operates a carrier-agnostic platform was appealing to retailers at the event, learning of our partnerships with some of the world’s largest carrier and retail brands.

A key highlight for the team was meeting many of our existing Parcelly location partners at the show who operate services with us. Seeing our current partners talk about their experience with Parcelly over the years was highly rewarding, particularly when we spoke with a merchant who we signed back in 2016 and has stayed with us since. We had some extremely insightful discussions with retailers, speaking to those very experienced in parcel services and others who hadn’t yet introduced the idea to their business.

This event provided a platform for us to meet with many retailers, enabling us to further expand our nationwide network of PUDO locations. A big THANK YOU goes out to the NRFN for hosting us and to Nilesh Patel, who happens to be one of our existing satisfied customers, for the invitation. We look forward to attending your next show! 

If you missed us there and are interested in joining our network of 3500+ locations, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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