Location Spotlight: L'AN 2000 KOMPRESSOR

Published by Parcelly Team
 • 07 June 2018


The small business is the absolute hub of their local community, filled with products from mostly Africa but now also offering produce from Belgium and various other countries to cater to more of their customers' needs. Fifi, who runs the store, is a truly inspirational and lovely lady who moved to the UK in 1991, and reopened the convenience store in 2008. Becoming a fixed staple for the local community, teaching is a passion in her spare time. 

We absolutely love Maman Fifi's Shop and her social engagement! Chosen for championing our Click&Collect service and always going out of her way to provide a flawless customer experience, L'AN 2000 Kompressor Ltd. is a fantastic business partner to work with. We had a great time talking with Fifi and finding out more about her and the shop. 

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Do you usually get the same type of customers?

I had my permanent customers, but after starting Parcelly I received a lot new ones who liked the range of product I sell. On suggestion from quite a few customers we are actually going to start selling liquor as well now!

Have you ever spoken to our customer service team? Did you find it useful?

Yes, I have spoken to the Customer Service team before and they have been very good. I got help straight away no matter what time I called. 'It felt like the customer service team sleeps with their phones on them' - hahahaha.

What would you do if you won a million pounds to spend in your store?

I would rebuild the store and sell products from all around the world. NOW is the time to offer customers what they want! Seeing that we are getting new customers from Parcelly, we would like to offer new things for them as well, as what we currently offer in store are products typical from Africa, which is not of interest to all customers. We are currently working on a few changes to attract new customers...

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Location:  86, Stroud Green Road, London, N4 3NE (What3Words: calmed.palm.hype)
Opening times:  Monday – Saturday: 10:00 – 20:00; Sundays: closed


"The service is easy to operate and now customers contact the store to enquire about the service. It is a great feeling to get contacted by new customers. Also, the app is very simple to operate and I have it installed on multiple devices...

- Fifi, Store Owner

Congratulations again to L'AN 2000 Kompressor Ltd. and a big THANK YOU for being such a great business partner and contributing towards Parcelly’s vision! 

Parcelly aims to give business owners full control over their parcel flow, offering them the ability to modify the number of parcels they wish to receive, as well as the option to control the size of the parcels stored - all in real time via the app. This means that regardless of the storage capacity or nature of your business, we welcome you to join our parcel collection network and benefit from new customers, additional footfall to your store as well as an additional revenue stream. 

If your business is interested in joining our nationwide network and becoming a Parcelly location for Click&Collect, Key Exchange or Mini-Warehousing services, please do not hesitate to CONTACT US.

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