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 • 13 September 2017

Parcelly proudly introduces another industry first which allows No Ordinary Suit customers to receive their Online orders in under 60 minutes!

In collaboration with the ‘We shop, pickup and drop whatever you need, on-demand' delivery courier Quiqup and our long-standing Online retail partner No Ordinary Suit, we have successfully created a unique hyper-local mini-warehousing service by using our parcel collection network across greater London. The service is designed to work with any Online retailer, and our pilot will see selected No Ordinary Suit flash sale items delivered to customers’ home addresses in under 60 minutes.

09 Sept 2017 Mini Warehouse Parcelly Quiqup NoOrdinarySuit


With Parcelly’s mini-warehousing solution I can now offer on demand deliveries for my London based customers in under 60 minutes - the ultimate customer convenience and truly designed for people with busy lifestyles. I also like the fact that I don’t even have to change my existing carrier solution, as Parcelly provides an on-demand third party to fulfil the orders. We’re truly excited to add this premium service to our range of delivery options.

- Helena Balls, Founder of No Ordinary Suit

 Clothing from No Ordinary Suit Parcellys Online retail partnerImage: Clothing from No Ordinary Suit, Parcelly's Online retail partner


The new service will make a 'home delivery in under 60 minutes option' available to any Online retailer for the first time since Amazon introduced its Prime delivery option. Using hyper-local mini-warehouses, retailers can store items at Parcelly’s locations and have them delivered to customers in under an hour, regardless of where their distribution centre or warehouse is located.

The process is simple and blends into retailers’ existing delivery procedures: flash sale or promotional items are delivered from a decentralised warehouse into a set of strategically located Parcelly locations. After an order has been placed, the purchased item is collected by a Quiqup driver or ‘Quiquee’ from a hyper-local Parcelly location and delivered to the customer's address by bike, scooter or car.


Parcelly Location Shepherd Foods

Image: Shepherd Foods, Primrose Hill (Parcelly’s pilot mini-warehouse location)


'While some high street retailers are concerned about large e-commerce players dominating a share of their market, we have found a way to help them succeed in the new digital landscape. That’s why we’re very excited about our last mile collaboration with Parcelly. Our combined proposition leverages urban real estate effectively by using local shops across the city as mini-warehouses from which retailers’ goods are picked up by Quiqup’s flexible fleet of Quiqees and delivered to individual recipients. With 90% of consumers just a short bike ride away from our partnered locations, this solution helps retailers reach more consumers faster and cheaper. Consumers, in turn, benefit from this service because they get to enjoy the experience of shopping online from their favourite retailer with the convenience of on-demand delivery.'

- Bassel El Koussa, CEO at Quiqup

 Quiquee driver delivering parcels
Image: 'Quiquee' driver delivering parcels


'We are delighted to be introducing a ground-breaking service that can further improve customer control, certainty and convenience, in collaboration with two great partners. For retailers of any size, this is the first mini-warehousing solution that enables them to compete with the world’s largest e-commerce players in terms of on-demand delivery speed and customer experience. In addition to this, using Parcelly hyper-local mini warehouses makes this a more environmentally friendly and efficient way to achieve on-demand deliveries. This is an entirely seamless and straight-forward process for both customers who complete the check-out with their home address as usual, and for retailers who can continue to use their existing fulfilment provider.’

- Sebastian Steinhauser, CEO at Parcelly


Parcelly are thrilled to be able to provide a large number of retailers with a mini-warehousing solution that can deliver their items on-demand pre-Christmas 2017. We look forward to working with more Online retailers who are keen to innovate their last-mile and ensure maximum convenience for their customers. If your business is interested in partnering with Parcelly please get in touch HERE.

Parcelly continues to disrupt the delivery logistics landscape, and we have recently been nominated for a consecutive year for the 'Best Innovation in eCommerce Delivery/Logistics' at the eCommerce Awards 2017 as well as 'Delivery Initiative of the Year' at the Retail Week Supply Chain Awards 2017.


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