Published by Parcelly Team
 • 19 May 2016

Parcelly, the parcel collection network was born to eliminate the painof last-mile delivery. Founded in 2014, Parcelly offers a seamless and compatible click&collect network to consumers, online retailers and fulfilment companies.

E-commerce and on-demand delivery have transformed the way consumers buy online. Consumer purchasing behaviour and demands have changed, due in large part to the digital revolution. Far and away the biggest change in consumer purchasing behaviour has been the switch to online shopping. There has been a huge uptake of online shopping among consumers in Europe, and many e-commerce services have been brilliantly streamlined to suit the consumer’s needs. However, a gap remains when it comes to last-mile delivery.

Consumers want choice, flexibility and speed when it comes to their deliveries. Convenience is a large part of why consumers shop line, but when online shopping is so good, why is delivery so difficult? If you miss your delivery it can be a real pain having to go after work to queue up at a depot. But it’s even worse that many of these depots close before 6 pm, forcing you to spend your Saturdays queuing up at the Post Office.

Click&collect has now become a must have for online retailers. By offering click and collect you can meet one of the crucial needs of the modern consumer: convenience. With Parcelly any online retailer can quickly and easily gain access to a rapidly growing network of click&collect locations.

Is your company selling Online? Join Parcelly to provide your customers various parcel collection points to fit their needs: many Parcelly location are open late nights, 7 days a week, with some even 24/7 allowing your customers to collect their parcels whenever is most convenient for them.


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