Published by Parcelly Team
 • 06 August 2015

We are very excited to announce that our network counts now 100 Parcelly locations in the Greater London and Kent area. It is a real testimony to Parcelly's amazing growth in the past 7 months.

 We are very proud of the progress that our Parcelly network has made and we want to thank all of our business partners and new clients for helping us achieve this milestone. Our aim is to resolve the problem of missed home deliveries and to establish Parcelly as a convenient customer-first service in London and all across the UK, supporting local communities and businesses, while also reducing the environmental impacts and operational challenges associated with multiple delivery attempts. We want to thank all of our locations for everything they have done to support Parcelly and our brand to ensure the best possible customer experience and we are looking forward to the continued growth and partnership with our shop owners, and with our Parcelly users as well.

- Sebastian Steinhauser, Parcelly's chief executive


Parcelly is the only fully mobile based and free of charge solution, which allows any local business to offer a click&collect service to its customers, driving footfall and an additional revenue stream. Parcelly distinguishes itself from all the other systems on the market as it can be used with any online retailer, local or international carrier worldwide and everyone can request or nominate a location to be added to their network.

Stop in to any of our 100 Parcelly locations in the coming weeks, and receive a free voucher to try our service as well as the first parcel or month's subscription for free.

We couldn’t have built Parcelly without loyal users such as yourselves, and the small business owners that make these Parcelly locations happen. We want to continue growing our reach and service, providing seamless parcel collection all across the country.

Thanks for all the support, and keep parcel collection local and at your convenience!


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